The Young Turks on Fusion | LIVE from Harvard University (Full Episode)

Cenk Uygur and John Iadarola, hosts of online news show The Young Turks, joined FUSION’s Felix Salmon and IOP Fellow Sarah Isgur Flores for a post-election analysis at Harvard University. The panel discussed why much of the media and polls called the election incorrectly as well the path forward for understanding public opinion. The speakers also spoke about the impending reformations within American politics and what might be expected from a Trump presidency. The Forum was a live broadcast partnering with The Young Turks and FUSION.

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28 thoughts on “The Young Turks on Fusion | LIVE from Harvard University (Full Episode)

  1. Lee Johnson

    The working class of America voted Trump, the families in the Rust belt ignored by the foreign trade deals watching their jobs go abroad. Who were they going to vote for? A woman blighted by scandal another 4 years of Obama or Trump a guy promising jobs, prosperity? I'm not sure if he can deliver this, but put yourself in the minds and hearts of these families you can't blame them for voting Trump.

  2. Mortimer Duke

    Jerk, despite also claiming to be disillusioned by the Democrat liberal establishment, just can't help himself from adding a disparaging qualifier before every Republican or conservative name he mentions, or drawing some kind of straw man or false equivalency which never was purported by anyone like "more war with Iran", cementing his disingenuous primacy.

  3. Raymond Wilson

    You young turds….You have nothing relevent to say. You lost. You lost bad. You cheated and lost. You are still cheating and losing. You will never be on the good side. You are all so lame. You are so misinformed. Try to do journalism. That means start at the begining with the supposition that you are going to find the truth. If you did that, you may then, have something to say. Till then, try to not bump your head on the doorjamb as you try to squeeze that huge empty head of yours through it. I say that to all the left.

  4. J Sherwood

    Voted for President Obama twice and Voted for Trump this round…. the last guest really nailed it… job losses in middle America through bad trade deals made middle America poor… they went backward, not forwards. Trump is a Republican in name only… the GOP did everything they could to stop him from being the guy on their ticket… that should tell you something… the average American wants our Government to put American's first… I will say the health insurance bills we all got in Oct were horrible… no one wants to talk about that but those bills came in for 2017 premiums and I said oh my god… glad poor people got insurance but there was no way I'm losing my home so someone else get's insurance… we all have budgets… the new insurance premiums are adding $3,600 a year to my expenses, now insurance is $10,000 a year for 2 people???? Progressive's and the DNC and frankly the Obama Administration should have saw how badly this increase would affect middle class people but they didn't…. perhaps they all get insurance through their employers and never thought about how bad it would harm all us middle class workers who pay out of their own pocket those premiums…

  5. 303Miles

    I don't understand these people. It's funny, I used to be on the left but these people don't make any sense to me anymore. There is no way in hell that Bernie Sanders is a moderate candidate. I just don't see it. The only thing further to the left is Communism. Bernie would have lost as well. America as a whole does not see Bernie as moderate. Gary Johnson is more moderate than Bernie Sanders. It's like they are living in another world.

  6. seephor

    As far as I can see, both presidential candidates get free media. The main issue with Hillary is that she was sleeping most of the time so obviously she had less coverage unless you wanted to see her give a press conference from her bed.

  7. Germaine Hascall

    Good talk. I have to say though that guy on the right is totally clueless. He is obviously well read in his bubble of information, regurgitating establishment talking points with blatant disregard for the facts outside said bubble. The panel did a good job of ignoring his silly statements for the most part steering back to reality based conversation.

  8. Faustus

    Someone should have asked Cenk Uygur why he named The Young Turks (TYT) YouTube show after an early 1900s Turkish nationalist group that played a leading role in the
    Armenian genocide in 1914.
    And guess what…..Cenk is a known Armenian genocide denier.


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