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Friedman Seminar with Jennifer L. Pomeranz

This Friedman Seminar features Jennifer L. Pomeranz, assistant professor and interim chair of the Department of Public Health Policy and Management in the College of Global Public Health at New York University, presenting “Food Policy for Public Health: How the Law Shapes Your Food Labels.”

The federal and state governments are increasingly focusing on labeling as a method to alter food and beverage (collectively, food) consumption to support health. Food labels serve various purposes from making outrageous marketing claims to providing consumers with information to make informed decisions. Further, increased disclosure requirements on food packaging and menus have led to food reformulation. Policies are being proposed and enacted across the country that are changing the face of food labels, such as the new Nutrition Facts panel, sugary beverage and sodium warnings, and GMO disclosure requirements. The diverse nature of these policies raises questions, such as: What are the authorities of government to require specific labels? What are the limitations on government’s ability to restrict truthful or deceptive food labeling practices? What level of evidence is necessary for government to act? This talk will address these questions in the context of current U.S. food labeling policies and explore how the law in all its forms (US Constitution, legislation, regulation and litigation) shapes our food labels.

Jennifer L. Pomeranz, JD, MPH, is an Assistant Professor and the Interim Chair of the Department of Public Health Policy and Management in the College of Global Public Health at New York University. Her research focuses on public health law and policy. She is especially interested in policy and legal options to address the food environment, obesity, products that cause public harm, and social injustices that lead to health disparities. Ms. Pomeranz authored over forty-five peer-reviewed and law review journal articles and a book, Food Law for Public Health, published by Oxford University Press. She was previously the Director of Legal Initiatives at the Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University.

About the Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy:

The Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University is the only independent school of nutrition in the United States. The school’s eight degree programs – which focus on questions relating to nutrition and chronic diseases, molecular nutrition, agriculture and sustainability, food security, humanitarian assistance, public health nutrition, and food policy and economics – are renowned for the application of scientific research to national and international policy.