Clinton, Trump advisors get into nasty fight at Harvard

During an election ritual every four years at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, opposing teams from the presidential campaigns answer questions together from the media and from each other. This year, Clinton’s advisors attacked Trump’s campaign team on racism charges, saying “I would rather lose than win the way you guys did.” But the Trump team didn’t take it laying down.

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29 thoughts on “Clinton, Trump advisors get into nasty fight at Harvard

  1. Mylan Miller

    I would  rather  lose than win  the  way you did! Tell that  one to  Hillary  or Obama
    Hillary would  kill her  own  kids if would  make her a winner in this election.

  2. Marine54

    Clinton's entire campaign was based on bashing Trump instead of promoting herself. Yes, there were times when Trump did bash and smear Clinton, but the vast majority of his time was spent telling Americans and showing Americans that he could bring this country a better economical state, which is what the working class of America wants. Very few people (percentage wise) care about race, they care about financial stability and want someone in office who has the ability and intentions of securing a better and more financially stable America


    Jesus christ wtf.. are these people actually grown adults? What the hell is this vitriolic banter? I need to go look up old roundtables and see if this is what it's always like. Fucking hell..

  4. george scarlett

    You know, no matter how hard one tries to pull the cord, if there's no BULB in the socket-—–? The Lib's won't change until they are dragged, "kicking, and screaming" into the God blessed, loving, and prosperous America that ONCE WAS, and maybe not even then? It's like the executioner pulling the lanyard on the Guillotine, and as their head is falling into the basket their last thought is, "He didn't 'REALLY' mean that"!! HASH TAG: H Y P!!

  5. Darryl Powell

    to bad, all you stupid lesbian bitches,your votes meant SHIT lol people, where a vagina wasnt the biggest draw and nothing else really mattered won the day from you FISH BRAINED WOMAN

  6. E.E. “PROlific666” Chenoweth

    "I'm very proud that in our campaign we would NEVER use those kind of tactics…" Referring to trump voters as "Deplorables" seems an awful lot like race baiting and attempting to terrorize and shame a population into voting for their candidate. The far left either is ignorant of their hypocrisy and have genuine good but misguided intentions or they have decided that they rather drive a divide in the country and paint a picture of a totally racist bigoted country in order to frighten minority voters and shame white voters into electing their candidates. Either way these "tactics" are more damaging to the country that anything a single president could ever do.

  7. ashley garrow

    "Make America Great Again" is not the slogan of a negative campaign. The subliminal racist world that liberals live in, especially Clinton liberals, keeps them from making any straightforward assessment of anything; it's all about hidden meanings and nefarious intentions. Trump was inclusive in every possible way, went into inner cities that even Democrat candidates are afraid of, went into Hispanic and Black strongholds, embraced these people and their troubles. Yes, he answered the empty attacks of 'racism' leveled against him and his staff, especially Bannon, and did so effectively. But because someone is for upholding laws being broken by 15,000,000 or so non-citizens, that does not make him racist. Because his opponent clearly broke the law, a fact made clear in congressional hearings, does not make him a misogynist because he used that fact in campaigning. It is not negative to reflect on the reality of a candidate. What was negative was the invented and distorted accusations of Trump's character by Clinton and the MSM instead of talking about (which Trump did daily) or publishing (which Trump did early on) policy and policy issues. The left has constructed a world of lies that they believe, which is why they lost the election. I'm certain that if not for the fact that she is a woman, they would accuse KellyAnne of racism also, but they're confused about how to do that and not reveal themselves as the hypocrites they are. This 'debate', really an attempt to rationalize their beliefs about Trump and his staff rather than delve into the truth of the campaign, is typical of what the US sees as the 'Harvard' elitist mentality of the left, riddled with an inability to see the faults in their own thinking and actions.

  8. qazyman

    When you listen to these biased arrogant liberals. It's clear why they couldn't win. Their party came withing inches of giving a socialist the nomination, and the candidate they did choose was a corrupt political insider. Then they have the arrogance to attack their opponent about a small meaningless group of fanatics, even though they see no issue with fully embracing BLM and other extreme left groups. America saw through them, and moved to a real leader talking about real issues.

  9. Joe Blow

    Omg!!..These morons won't quit will they?..You lost!..You would look better if you went out gracefully…Kellyann can wreck you guys and she has the patience of a saint!!..I am surprised how graceful she was..The Clinton campaign people you are what they call Wrecked!!..lmao

  10. Joe Blow

    And I love how they say they won the popular vote!..Actually no Oboma gave illegals the go ahead to vote!.Just that alone he should be impeached!!!..But besides that 3 million plus illegal votes so take that 3 million plus away from Clinton and you lost the popular vote and the college electoral!!..lmao

  11. higherlimit

    Im not an American nor do I care about American politics so i like to think im impartial. I must say, Kellyanne Conway absolutely owned everyone here. Reading some of the comments here and it seems as if the hillary supporters will only hear what they want to here and simply cannot accept the results no matter what..kinda funny and sad at the same time


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