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  • i'm in a really sticky situation, similar to this. i'm in my first year of A levels (taking music, media and psychology) but the only passions i have are for music and art. for me, art has always just been a hobby but i recently realised i want to be a tattoo artist (based on what i draw/paint), the thing is that my parents don't like tattoos, they want me to stay at school and study but i hate it so much, its so dull and i don't know how to get through to them that its what i want to do. any suggestions?

  • Nothing wrong with a plan B, especially a strong one. Three years is not a long time. I'm not saying studying German is a strong plan B, cause I don't think it is. But getting a trade while you are young is a good idea. Working part time as a tradesman, i'e like 2 days a week and earning £400 is much better than doing all the other shit jobs you will have to do on your way up as a drummer.

  • This is really interesting and helpful, Ben; loads of thanks. This is exactly what I needed to hear right this minute.
    Yourself, Bea, Dave and Rob are some of the people who have inspired me to love music more and (hopefully) to learn to play it well one day. I keep watching your 15 minute jam with Dave and Bea: it's an awesome connection you guys have. I'll be 43 yrs old in Jan, but gotta follow the dreams (with head on shoulders + a plan) right? Keep kicking ass!

  • Jim Carrey said you can fail at what you don't want to do ( the secure job can fire you) so might as well try at the thing you love. Great at advice. I actually studied music in school. Got a degree and then after college moved away from making a living through music. About 10 yrs later in my early 30s came back to music and been at it ever since. I make as much now really as I did in a corporate job I had. Life has a lot of twists and turns.

  • It's very good to hear this from one of my favorite drummers, considering I'm off to college next year. Wasn't sure if to go the sound engineer route or not, but this gave me a little push, as well as to continue what I'm doing on my YT channel. Thank you Ben!

  • Security is relative anyway, nobody knows what's gonna happen the next
    second, having the best diploma out there won't change the latter but
    for some reason in most societies, we only see success or pursuing
    hapiness in a certain way where there are actually as many ways to get
    there as there are people.
    Of course as you said, the main thing is not to be just a dreamer but to
    do the hard work it takes to make it.
    If i may say, this might be the only way to live and to die without much
    or no regrets whatsoever.
    Cheers for sharing your experience and keep it up.

  • great video Ben, glad to see your aspirations and hard work have evolved into what you wanted from life. truly inspiring and has definitely inspired me. so cheers mate, all the best!

  • One can't really successfully live (earn a living) as a musician without being a bit "mental" in their commitment to music and to their instrument. I am a guitarist/vocalist now, but I started my musical life as a drummer, from 5th grade through college, and it's been very clear in my heart and mind that there's no other choice for me than to live by music. Cheers, Ben!

  • Ahahaha.. I remember a particularly awesome weekend in Cambridge Ben!… Actually remembering it is probably not the most accurate description.  Feeling the sentiment!!!

  • This video has been a great inspiration to me. I made the decision early on in my life to dedicate myself to music and the last few years I have been studying at BIMM Brighton but I feel that I have put effort into my passion for music. I'm trying to make the most of my final year to really push for it. Thank you Ben for making awesome videos that have helped me both musical and mentally.

  • Hey Ben, I'm currently hesitating to make that exact same call, I'm 20, Ilove what I'm studying but I feel what I want to do is playing my guitar, since that's what I'm really passionate about. Got one question, and it's holding me from making the call. Do you have any advice on how to make a living by playing music at that kind of age, or how did You make it through these rough years at the beginning of your musical career ? Because even tho my heart says play music, my brain keeps telling me that I won't be able to pay the bills and that I should pursue my studies to have those securities you talked about …

  • The way I seen this is that you went to study a course at Cambridge and you were very unhappy there. So you quit. Then music was your back up. Not that you quit TO play music. Obv you can play alongside studies

  • This is on par to how I felt once I received my diplomas after high school. I decided to give college a go, in hopes that I was going to achieve a lot for my career. I was looking forward to learning so much but had soon realized after a year that I wasn't happy. During that time as well was when I joined my progressive rock band that I'm still in today. Immediately I knew that it was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Plus, the guys that I work with are extremely dedicated and humble people and I didn't want that special relationship to end because of school. Nowadays, I'm so grateful to be where I am both personally and musically.

  • Thanks for this video!
    I made the choice of going to uni for computer science over purely pursuing talents in music(guitar) that I crafted aged 11-18(similar experience to Ben – playing in my room/school/youth clubs). Again, unversity was an opportunity I could not pass and I am in my final honours year now, learning so much great stuff and applying for jobs etc. I am still playing guitar, still songwriting and jamming with other professional muso friends too. It's definetly about self-awarness and what meets our wants and wishes. We only get one shot, be true to yourself. Ben, much love to you and the guys in Toska + Dorje, all the best!

  • Good for you to have the balls to follow your heart. My wife and I have our first baby on the way and I hope one day they come to us for support to follow their dreams because that's life!!! Cheers

  • Nice story. It seems that you have made all the right decisions.

    I think you are always making the right decision. Only life will tell you if it was the best for you. Life is not a race and you only live once. If you have to choose a path, and you are ok with all the consequences that will come with the path that you are about to choose, than you can not go wrong.

    Like we say in french:, tu peux réussir "DANS LA" vie et tu peux réussir "TA" vie.

    Thanks for the video!!! :)

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