University of Oxford

Know More About The Top Medical Schools

The task of getting into one of the top rated medical schools can be quite a daunting task, requiring humongous effort. Most of these top med schools, in the world, have the most stringent requirements for admission as well as a challenging curriculum, which only the very best students have the ability to handle. The top medical schools, in the world, are mostly located, in the US (United States). However, there are some however which are very typically high rated programs and are located, outside the US (United States).

Harvard University

The Times-Higher-Education Supplement has rated the Harvard University’s own medical school, as the best-one in the whole world. The U.S. News as well as World Report along with other websites including has also placed, Harvard at top of list, among the U.S. medical schools. Both the Times-Supplement as well as U.S. News, use the faculty surveys as well as heavily weight, many of the rankings, upon opinion of medical professionals as well as academic leaders.

Research activity has also been heavily weighted, as the part, of the overall score, as well. Founded in about 1782, the Harvard Medical School emerged, as the most leading innovator, in the field of medical research, in the whole world. The school possesses seven basic-science departments, out of which two are in social science, and, one is the clinical-science department. Harvard has emerged, as the topmost school, when all the factors were considered eventually.

University of Cambridge

One of the highest-rated top medical schools in the field of bio medical research, outside the United States according to the Times-Higher-Education supplement is the University of Cambridge. T is rated, second only, to Harvard, in terms of the medical research as well as the continuing substantial contributions it is making in the areas pertaining to cardiovascular medicine, cancer research, epidemiology, stem cell research and genetics, public health, transplantation as well as hematological medicine, immunity and infection, endocrinology, diabetes, mental health, neuroscience and also women’s health.

The school further emphasizes the practical medicinal side of its own in, through the clinical-school of medicine. Also, Cambridge also moreover emphasizes an inter-disciplinary approach, to the medicinal study by offering the joint M.D. as well as Ph.D. programs, for the students, who wish to pursue the substantial careers in research field.

University of Oxford

Placed third on the list of the top medical schools, Oxford University is one of the best medical-schools existing in the world. The department list at Oxford is long and includes cardiovascular medicine, anesthetics, clinical neurology, clinical medicine, as well as oncology, pharmacology, obstetrics, ophthalmology, gynecology, rheumatology, orthopedics and muscular-skeletal sciences, psychiatry, pediatrics, public health, surgery as well as primary care. Oxford is known as one of the oldest in the world with the most-respected institutions of higher education.

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