Graduation Gowns for Undergraduate Status

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Normally in undergraduate stage many modern universities do not allow to wear any type of Graduation Gowns but many old universities have the tradition to wear gowns in some special occasions. Some universities also allow the use gowns in every time but these types of gowns are quite different than the standard Graduation Gowns. These gowns are similar like the BA type gowns but they are little smaller than that and it will only be reached the knee area of the wearer. These types of gowns use the academic dresses in some older universities like the Oxford and Cambridge.

The Oxford Commoner Gown can be an exact example of an undergraduate gown. This is not a exact type of Graduation Gown but you can call it as a gown. This gown does not contain any sleeve and instead of one it has two streamers where most of the Graduation Gowns has only one streamer. The Cambridge University has different laws for the design and type of their undergraduate gowns where they give the power to their colleges to design their own undergraduate gowns. But these are not of same design of every university undergraduate gowns. The older universities of Scotland allowed using a distinctive collar to the design of their undergraduate gowns.

They use the scarlet type of Graduation Gowns to their undergraduate students which do not support by the other universities of Great Britain. But they have their own rules to design and wear their own doctoral and undergraduate gowns. The use of undergraduate gowns is rear only in some special occasions these types of gowns will be worn by the students. The tradition to wear undergraduate gowns is limited only in some older universities of Britain and these types of gowns are not the academic dresses of these universities.

In the modern era of education you can hardly find any universities except the British universities where has any undergraduate gowns. The modern universities support to use the academic dresses and the use of gowns is not applicable for any undergraduate student. The Graduation Gowns can be wearing only in the graduation ceremony and other upgraded ceremony after completing the graduation. The past Graduation Gowns for student are varied with the status of the person but now every university has their own design and color for their endemic gowns and most of the cases they have same design and color for all.

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