History of Air Conditioning

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Air conditioning is a relatively modern invention, but the cooling of buildings is not.  The circulation of aqueduct water through walls to cool certain houses, this is known to been applied in Ancient Rome.

Over history as early as 1758 two professors of chemistry at Cambridge University, Benjamin Franklin and John Hadley were conducting experiments to explore the principle of rapidly cooling objects.  They confirmed that alcohol and ether could freeze an object past the freezing point of water.

The first electrical air conditioning unit was invented after many years of experimenting, and in 1902 by Willis Haviland Carrier in Buffalo New York, invention not only controlling temperature but also humidity.

He experimented with reversing the process of instead of sending air through hot coils, he sent it through cold ones, which of course cooled the air, and the amount of moisture the colder air could hold, thus the humidity in the room could be controlled.

These experiments were conducted to help a Publishing Company in Brooklyn solve an application problem and in 1902 the first “air conditioner” was built.

In the 1950s sales expanded dramatically and over time air conditioning came to be used to improve comfort in homes and automobiles as well.

A far cry from the early days Climachill is a family owned business that specialise in Air Conditioning.  Not only installing Air Conditioning systems but supply Portable Air Conditioning Systems Nationwide.  Working to European Legislation as of June 2006 it is a legal requirement that engineers who handle refrigerants hold the appropriate qualifications.

The Climachill engineers hold current City and Guilds also CITB (Construction Industry Training Board) qualifications and carry identity cards confirming these qualifications for inspection at any time.

The cooling and heating mode of Portable Air Conditioners comes with the latest technological breakthrough for portable air conditioners, which is big business these units re-use approximately 75% of the water it creates, the system runs much more efficiently as it re-uses the water, this results in lower power consumption and is better for the environment.

Climachill’s engineers will listen to the customer’s requirements and then advise on the most cost-effective system and in no way compromises the quality. They offer the very latest Air conditioning Systems for home, office, caravans, motor homes and a whole lot more.

A spokesman for Climachill said “we give quality to our customers and honest advice; we recognise that our customers are the foundation of our business and we build on a lasting relationship with respect and mutual benefit”. He went on to say “we pride ourselves on engineers with a wealth of experience and we know we can give the best of the best”.

For further information visit: www.climachill.co.uk

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