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The Investment in Self-Help Industry Exposed part 2

Viability of the Market The self-help industry is an expanding sector growing fast as the speed of light. According to Hallie Mummert, Editorial Director of Inside Direct Mail, this Market is projected to grow 11.4 percent yearly over the next decade. Americans spend $693 million on self-help books each year. lists 90,000 products in the self-help category. There are 9,210 self-help mailings in the Who’s Mailing What! Archive. Learn how to motivate the self-help market for personal and financial success. The questions that I have already addressed   ·        Can it be a franchise? ·        What is the target market? ·        How do you reach that market? ·        What is the proposition for those people? ·        How would your offering differ? ·        Why would anyone want to use  N.V.LS.E? ·        What is the income stream?

Product Description & Entrepreneurial Authorship

My books entitled

  • The Spiritual Psychology of the Science of Money-phology
  • Win Investing Intuition
  • The Two Psychological Tools Which Drives Human Behaviour
  • The Psychology of Rapid Self-Employment Achievement Plan
  • The Rapid Dream Goal Achievement System

These books require editing, design, and marketing. These books are composed in a way to facilitate and accelerate learning and thinking, these Freedom Education Books are not only inspired by my first hand experience, but also by the latest research in neuropsychology of achievement.

These Freedom Education Books are written in simple readable layman language, with the few exception of some minor scientific and philosophical terminologies to stimulate and accelerate learning.

These books can convert into profitable materials such as

Mini Book Series
Mini Lectures

The Benefits to Readers and areas of transformation

Enhanced Performance,

Greater Productivity,

Increased levels of harmony

Rapid result

How to Unleash True Genius Within

Master a Magnificent Memory

Vocabulary Genius!

Ultimate Creative Mindset

Total Learning

The Zone: Peak Performance

Laser-Sharp Focus

De-clutter Your Brain

The Exam Success Kit

Increase Your IQ

Whole Brain Thinking

Brush Fear of Failure Aside!

Write a GREAT Novel NOW

Write a GREAT Screenplay, NOW!

Overcome Interview Anxiety

Overcome depression

Overcome panic disorder

Overcome ADD

Overcome anger

How to resuscitate a dying marriage

How to attract your dream sweet heart

How to make a gay relationship work

Improve Your Visualization Skills

Young Persons Guide to Excellent Schooling

Team Effectiveness & Fostering Empowerment

Financial Payback.

Why Do we Think Ziziworld products are Unique to the Current Success Books?

Research shows that most people who attend Home Bases Business or success seminars relapse into their old habits of failure, and become more depressed. As a teacher,  he observed how those success or business seminars lack the teaching methodology, hisfirst hand experience and philosophical temperament.

This led him to create learning materials that stretch the learning period in a coherent way to ensure learning is taking place as opposed to the current ‘two days’ success seminars,

Educational psychologists will tell you that the following barriers to success are due to the following

inadequate instruction
insufficient exposure and practice
Deficient word recognition skills
Deficient memory capacity and functioning
significant language deficiencies
inadequate comprehension monitoring and self-evaluation
Unfamiliarity with the seven intelligences of individuals, text features and task demands, Unfamiliarity with philosophical, and neuropsychology
Undeveloped strategies.
Insufficient time for learning

The objective of Andre Zizi Freedom Education Program for Empowerment and Enrichment is not to cover certain set topics but to facilitate, accelerate learning and thinking. In considering the subject objectives

1) To remember general goals such as how to think your way to success, being willing to explore ideas contrary to ones own beliefs, knowing which data or information are relevant and how to find the information to support your desired outcome, and how to use your instinct all the way to success ‘ The Conative Power of The Mind’

for example: Getting into self employment at the young age or at the age 40+) career change, business partnership, overcoming illnesses, to name a few, such as

Overcoming procrastination the rapid way, the neuroscience way
Overcoming depression,
Overcoming panic disorder,
Overcoming anger,
Overcoming illiteracy,
overcoming suicide
Overcoming Attention Deficit Disorder,

Is this science fiction or science fact?

The program is designed to obliterate False Evidence Appearing Real.

The notable psychologist Carl Jung calls this the’ universal consciousness’

The world famous biologist, Rupert Sheldrake, is well known for his theory of morphic fields and

morphic resonance, which leads to a vision of a living, developing universe with its own inherent memory. He first worked in developmental biology at Cambridge University, calls the power of remote reviewing and telepathy the ‘Morphogenetic field’ imagine harnessing your enigmatic brain to communicate directly with other minds to create a win-win situations.

According to statistics and research 97% of world populations sow the wrong seed, so that now they are reaping the wrong harvest. I am not pointing fingers to anyone in particular, I am a classical example, a former victim of the prisoners of beliefs

N.V.L.S.E does not only develop individuals to become their full potential and achieve their dream goals, imagine you want

  • Starting a profitable business
  • Starting a loving family
  • Writing a book
  • Running a marathon
  • Spending 2 years abroad
  • Earning your first one million pounds
  • Recovering from a life-threatening illness like I did!
  • Resurrect a dying marriage, and hopeless relationship.
  • Or it can be used to modify a child’s behaviour.
  • Gets you the Job you dream about.
  • Attract your dream partner.
  • Speed up  recovery
  • Start your own business
  • Businesses who apply Neuro Visual & Linguistic Syntax Encoding have reported fast improvement in sales. If you consider two businesses driven by competition, and aiming at superior market share, the one that apply the techniques of N.V.L.S.E will forge ahead.
  • How to Live Longer and disease free . . . There about 405 symptoms with which we can create products to market online and offline

The program covers the following, (but not limited to the list)

• future memory implant’
• How to Create your vision
• How to Prepare to plan
• cognitive systems
• How to Lay the linguistic seed of success
• Putting it altogether
• Vision management and more!

The Program of self-help coaching system is researched at the neuroscience of achievement Lab
1. symbolic learning theory
2. psycho neuromuscular theory
3. Bio informational theory
4. Dual coding theory

Who Must enrol  or purchase Empowerment CDs book or self-help coaching system For This Future Educational Program

future clients, from NHS, Learning centres, Sport centres, Sport organizations, and corporate companies
• Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
• Managers & Business Consultants
• Sales Professionals & Sales Managers
• Athletes
• Teachers, Trainers & Speakers, mentors & coaches
• Business leaders who want to create a catalyst for transforming the culture of their organization.
• People with ambition who want to get a promotion or simply enjoy their work a whole lot more
• Sports men and women seeking to breakthrough barriers to success, excel, and win in their chosen field of expertise.
• Individuals with learning difficulties, e.g. illiteracy, semi illiterate,
• Offenders, and Ex offenders
• People suffering from mental or physical ailments,
• Individuals with varied disabilities
• Athletes trainees
• Musicians
• Wannabe pop stars
• Writers
• Film makers
• Artists and many more . . .

In general The N.V.LS.E. IS definitely for those who

Have a dream to pursue

The vision to plan

The courage to run

The expectation to perfect

The Perseverance to win

Part 3 follows shortly

Self-help industry is a 64 BILLION dollars. Investment opportunities need no introduction to invesmtnet strategies, or  investment for dummies, but investment ideas to make profit and retire young is a smart move, if you intuitively decide to invest in Andre ZIZI, who can be reached on 07999 579 135 Andre.

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