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Faraday Future’s New Electric Car Will Struggle with Scale

The beleaguered electric car startup Faraday Future has unveiled its supposed Tesla killer. But it, like its rival, will have issues of scale to overcome before its vehicle becomes a mainstream success.

Late last year, reports suggested that Faraday Future had been hemorrhaging money on a car that ex-employees considered to be vaporware. So it had a lot to prove when it unveiled its first stab at a real electric vehicle in Las Vegas ahead of the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

The long and slightly unusual-looking car, called FF91, certainly sounds impressive on paper. It boasts a 378-mile range, 1,050 horsepower, and a 0 to 60 mph time of 2.39 seconds. If it’s accurate, that’s faster than any Tesla.

It’s also loaded with sensors to equip it for a self-driving future. Jalopnik counts 10 cameras, 13 radars, 12 ultrasound sensors, and lidar to boot. Apparently things aren’t quite running smoothly yet, though: the company couldn’t get the car to autonomously drive away from its grand unveil.

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