Getting Culinary Education Through Cooking Games

Education today is very expensive.  Ivy League schools like Harvard University, Princeton University, Yale University and Columbia University could set you back more than US $21,000 dollars a year just for tuition fees alone.  Ordinary families could be buried financially for years before being able to pay the debt for their children’s education. Some savvy families take out an educational plan for their children while still young or simply enroll their children in state funded universities.  They may also opt for bachelors of art degrees rather than the four year Bachelor of Science degrees like culinary school.

However, contrary to what the popular beliefs are, now even culinary school is no walk in the financial park either. The tuition fees of some reputable cooking schools (the kind that would get you in fancy hotels and expensive restaurants) may even be higher than some universities even it is just a basic course.

Now what to do in lieu of cooking school if your budget is not up to it? Try going over the various online cooking games that proliferate and will continue to proliferate in the World Wide Web. What could these games do for you? The answer is plenty. Cooking games, first and foremost, save you money. Try enrolling in a basic few weeks course in baking and cooking so that you may see what I mean. Cooking games teach you these things simply by playing them. There is no effective way to learn than to learn while one is having fun.  With the interactive environment of cooking games you can learn basic skills in baking, roasting and cooking by simply clicking at the various interfaces of the games. The kitchen tools and ingredients pictured there, although made using flash animation, is highly accurate and representative of what are the tools and ingredients that are actually used in the kitchen to prepare such food.  To put it simply: for example, you want to learn about the basics of baking, just click through some links that say baking games and pick among the games listed there the food you want baked. For example, if you wan to bake bread, the window under the baking bread link would show the flour, sugar, bowl and oven–stuff that you actually see and use when you plan to bake the bread. It will even spare you the money to buy the expensive kitchen equipment used to cook and bake the food. All you need is a computer, a modem and an internet browser to make your dreams come true.  

Aside from the savings, these games actually are safer than actual cooking. Real cooking involves fire that could go awfully wrong. Virtual cooking on the other hand does not allow any room for mistakes. It has easy to follow instructions and a single doubt would not result to any untoward accident in the kitchen. So, why still fill your heads with all these doubts? Go find a computer and start educating your way to culinary mastery using cooking games.

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