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The 4 biggest misconceptions about an online criminal justice program

There are some biases against the validity of online criminal justice programs, out of which the 4 biggest misconceptions regarding the same is discussed as following :

  1. Online criminal justice programs are not as recognized:

The key factor is accreditation. If a college or university offering online criminal justice degrees is properly accredited by any of the eight regional accrediting bodies funded by the US Department of Education and authorized by the department to do so, then an online degree is as recognized as a traditional degree. There are nod differences at all.
But there are many colleges and universities offering online degrees that are not properly accredited and have accreditation from agencies that are themselves not properly accredited or recognized. Degrees from such schools may not be recognized or valid in most places that matter.
The choice of institution is, therefore, of prime importance while choosing an online course.

  1. Online universities are not as reputable:

Today the situation is changing so rapidly that some of the world’s best universities and colleges are offering online degree programs in criminal justice. Many top notch online universities offer degree programs that are as rigorous in academic standards and as recognized as any degree program a traditional school. Stanford University is one example of a top ranking university offering online degree programs in criminal justice.

  1. Employers prefer traditional degrees over online degrees:

Again the situation is changing very rapidly. Even a few years back this may have been the case but not anymore. More and more employers throughout the world are recognizing that students having an online degree are as qualified as those with a traditional degree. Many recent surveys have shown that more and more employers are offering tuition fee reimbursements to their employees if they opt for education themselves through the online route. Also most online universities and colleges do not mention whether the degree that you have earned is online or traditional. An online degree certificate and transcript looks exactly the same as a traditional degree certificate and transcript.

  1. Online degrees are more expensive than traditional ones:

Online colleges and universities offering online degrees face a great deal of competition when it comes to enrolments. As a result most online degree programs are very reasonably priced and cost competitive. Moreover, if you take into account the savings from not spending on commuting, boarding and lodging, most online degrees will prove to be cheaper than traditional degrees. You should, however, thoroughly research the cost component before deciding on which online college or university you should enroll in.

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