Cambridge College

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Cambridge university has thirty-one colleges in it’s under. Among these three colleges are for women. Each college under the Cambridge University has its own property and income. The Cambridge College has many responsibilities. It has to appoint their own staff and select its students according to the regulations of the university. The students are taught in university colleges and departments. The Cambridge University awards the degrees for the students. Staff and students of all disciplines are gathered together within the roof of each college. This cross-fertilization is very much important for the development of the society. A college is the place where students will learn how to live. They choose their career from the college. For this they should get supervision in those things. The main advantage of Cambridge College is the supervision they give to their students.

The Cambridge College has its own library and sports facilities in addition to the resources provided by the university. It also has its own bar and a theatre. The college has their own clubs and society. This clubs and societies help the students to participate in non-academic activities and encourage their skills. The Cambridge College follows small group tuition method for teaching. This model is regarded as world’s best teaching model. Almost all students live in the accommodation provided by the college. In addition to the funds available from the university the college itself awards the members. The heritage of historic role, magnificent architecture and scholarship facilities of the Cambridge College make it famous. The teaching method in the Cambridge College takes place in the form of reading and explaining texts and the there will be oral disputation examinations. In oral disputation the students will be given a series of questions from which they will have to dispute and argue with their senior opponents.

The Cambridge College has been recorded in the books of history. The reason for that are its buildings. It is situated in a very old building and visitors will be attracted to the college. More than that the Cambridge University holds many treasures in its museum, which will lead us to the ancient life. Moreover the Cambridge University is one of the oldest universities in the world and in United Kingdom it is the largest one. The Cambridge College has worldwide reputation in its outstanding academic achievements and also the achievements of its students intellectually.

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