Indian Born Student’s Exceptional Speech in United States

Indian Born Student’s Exceptional Speech in United States

Who is Radhika Kannan?
– Radhika Kannan was named UC Berkeley’s top most graduating senior. Kannan who had to overcome the grief caused due to loss of her mother, went ahead with her studies and graduated with the highest distinction in Environmental Studies and Economics. She is a symbol of hardwork and determination and is known for speaking from her heart.

Radhika Kannan was born in Mumbai,India in 1993 and is the only child of Subramanian Ramakrishnan who is a chartered accountant by professional and also a software entrepreneur. Her mother Geetanjali Kannan is a school teacher and knows Bharatanatyam, a dance style from Indian State of Tamil Nadu. Incidentally, Radhika too had learnt the dance style.

The family had moved to Singapore in Radhika’s childhood and would visit India at times. Looking at the future, Radhika Kannan’s dream job is to head the United Nations Environmental Program. The exceptional speech she gave at the commencement ceremony had won hearts of millions of people around the globe.

20 thoughts on “Indian Born Student’s Exceptional Speech in United States

  1. Suniya Kiran

    She is absolutely right Econometric is so difficult & girl like me who always studied Biology & chemistry ,it was so tough to study Econometric but i managed to get 80/100 as a private student of PU Lahore in M.A Economics Final.

  2. Bhavika Sicka

    The only reason this has been marked as "exceptional"–which I personally don't believe it is, but, again, that is purely my subjective opinion–is her fluency in the English language. Her content is okay, but it is scripted, and not spontaneous or straight-from-the-heart; she keeps consulting her notes to keep track of her points, which wouldn't have been the case if she were an "exceptional" speaker. She isn't engaging, or humorous, and she hasn't succeeded in holding my attention. You know who, in my personal opinion, is an exceptional speaker, orator, rhetorician? Our prime minister Narendra Modi.


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