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US colleges and university offer ample opportunities to any knowledge seeker for the academic pursuits in any field of study. They are equipped with the state of the art infrastructure, and have conducive ambience to foster and nurture scholastic aptitude.

Many of the US universities offer both, online and campus based courses of various levels such as, Bachelor’s programme, Masters or Doctoral programme. The programmes offered pertain to different disciplines of study such as, pure science, medicine, engineering and technology, business management and liberal arts. There are two sessions, winter session and fall session in an academic year.

US Universities can be classified into three categories, private institutions, public institutions, and community colleges. Private institutions are basically managed and run by nongovernmental organizations or private owners. Public institutions are managed by officials who are appointed or elected by the public. These institutions are supported by the public funds. Community colleges are institutions supported by the local communities. Community colleges operate two kinds of curriculum, Transfer and Terminal. Under Transfer category, one can earn two years of work towards the Bachelor’s degree. Terminal category is aimed to provide vocational training to the candidates to groom them and make them suitable to seek employment in different technical and quasi-professional fields.

Admission in US colleges and university are held on the basis of merit. Different institutions may have different eligibility criteria for admission. Admission requirements also vary with the level of the course such as, Undergraduate study or Bachelor’s programme, Masters or Doctoral programme, and the discipline of study. Most of the institutions require a valid score card of the appropriate tests held for the admission in US colleges and universities such as, SAT, ACT, GMAT. Some of them also conduct their individual admission tests. References from the persons of repute and standing in the relevant discipline of study are given due weightage. Admission fee and tuition fee are different for different institutions, but many institutions offer scholarships and part-time work opportunities to meet the expenditure.

Most of the US colleges and university maintain reasonably high academic standard. However, some of the prominent US colleges and universities are the Princeton University, Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, University of Pennsylvania, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Duke University, Columbia University, University of Chicago and Dartmouth College.

US universities maintain a very tough academic regimen for the students. The ratio of the Faculty members to the students is high by any standard. Strict quality control has helped the US universities to earn a place of distinction on the globe.

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