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Opportunities and Salary Prospects For Students Pursuing MBA in UK

When a scholar considers the option to study abroad, UK is one of the top listed countries that come to mind. United Kingdom is home to some of the best institutes that provide quality higher education at a global level because of their world class infrastructure, teaching standards and other facilities for students. 32 of the world’s top universities are in UK. UK Universities like Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of London and Lancaster University attract scholars in huge numbers from across the globe. MBA in UK opens doors to a future with new opportunities, success and growth.

What really matters is as an individual what are your career expectations and the kind of personal skills, values and interests you offer to the employers. More skilled you are, brighter will be your options. Besides academic achievement, an MBA degree teaches various employability skills like communication skills, analysis, decisiveness, practicality, team work, IT skills and capacity for hard work; which is what companies really look for while choosing the right candidate.

Followed by the London Organizing Committee of the Olympic games and Paralympic games, Google was the biggest hirer of London Business School’s interns in 2009. MBA students in UK have been absorbed by big corporate names like Accenture, American Airlines, Amazon, Barclays, BCG, Cisco, Disney, Ernst & Young, IBM, Intel, Johnson & Johnson, McKinsey, Philips, Rolls Royce, Standard Chartered Bank and so on. Opportunities are vast in finance, marketing, human resources, IT etc. One needs to find a company and a designation that suits one’s personal interests. Reputed institutes generally have a good number of corporates walking in for campus recruitments. Nowadays with the help of online recruitments, seeking a job has become even more hassle free. UK colleges and universities act as an extended medium to the final destination of your dream job.

MBA courses in UK Universities are internationally recognized, thereby leading you to a dream salary, global management job. MBA salaries differ according to various industries and the field of work. For instance, health care industry offers $111,000 per annum on an average where as non profit and government organizations offer around $73,000 per year on an average. Again the average packages differ in different parts of UK. For example, as per the latest survey for MBA’s in IT, England offers around $65,000; while London offers $70,000 and West Yorkshire around $85,000. As per the Global MBA Rankings 2010, London Business School tops the list with a weighted salary of $142,340 per annum. The alumni of Oxford University, which ranks 16th in the world and is second in UK, got an average salary of $136,467 in 2010. Cambridge University offered $125690, while Lancaster University alumni reported an average salary of about $112,214 in 2010. Thus with the average salary in UK coming to around $100,000 or more, you can easily finishing MBA in UK and then grab a rewarding job for a bright future.