~~~ About the University ~~~

The University of Phoenix is the largest private university in the United States. It has more than 17,000 instructors and 240,000 students, out of whom roughly half are enrolled in its highly evolved online educational programs. It has 170 physical campuses spread over the US, Mexico, Puerto Rico and —. Since 1976, more than 171,600 working professionals have earned their degree from University of Phoenix.

The University of Phoenix is designed very differently from conventional universities. Its programs are aimed at working adults – AT&T, Boeing, IBM, Intel, Lockheed Martin, and Motorola — not to mention the U.S. military.—who want to better their salaries by enhancing their qualifications. About 60% of students receive some tuition reimbursement from their employers, which include such blue

The School offers undergraduate and graduate-degree programs in Business, Business and MBA, Criminal Justice, Education and Teaching, Healthcare and Nursing, Human Services Information, Technology, Accounting, Management, baccalaureate nursing programs marketing, and the like,

~~~ Pros ~~~

1. You can enroll in on-campus, offline or Flexnet programs (the latter is a combination of the first two) 2. If you are a working adult, you will not feel out of place age wise: the average student is 34 years old and earns between $50,000 and $60,000 a year 3. Again, if you are working, there is a high chance you can receive tuition reimbursement from your employer (60% of students do) 4. The tuition is much less than several other universities’. Some sample fee comparisons:

TRV University (Technical Remote Viewing 101: Basic Skills) $1295.00

Columbia University (Political Science S1002Q) $2514.00

Northwestern University (News writing and Reporting 301-0) $3217.00

Harvard University (SOCI S-40: Introduction to Human Societies) $1850.00

————— University of Phoenix Online (Marketing: MKT 421G) $1230.00 —————

5. The University’s online program is one of the most highly evolved in the world and continues to be a fount of innovation. (The latest development: online, downloadable, paperless textbooks) 6. The curriculum stresses team playing. Even online students are organized into groups and each group asked to complete a project. This prepares students for the group efforts so fundamental to today’s working world 7. The University is accredited by the Commission on Institutions of Higher Education of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Any graduate school is required to recognize its diplomas

~~~ Cons ~~~

1. Graduate Schools value applicants from Ivy League Universities much more than those from the University of Phoenix 2. Staff turnover is very high and continuity is poor ( tml#comment-864) 3. Instructors can often be confused about the syllabus ( tml#comment-3196) 4. Plagiarism is often unchecked (Ibid) 5. Feedback on graded papers can be non-existent (Ibid) 6. Responsiveness of the management leaves a lot to be desired; often complaints are not addressed ( nswers%2Fthreadview%3Fid%3D216054) 7. An unusual number of students are disillusioned with the University

~~~ Conclusion ~~~

All the facts are now before you. It is now your call to weigh them carefully and make a sound, informed decision. Good luck in your educational endeavors!

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