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MBA Without Experience

From Harvard University to Jerkwater State University Online, there are a plethora of Master in Business Administration programs from which people can select. Anybody with a marginally operating brain can get, and, in a few cases, earn an MBA Just because anyone can get an MBA degree, does not mean that anyone who can should.

I do not know how many times I have heard low-level employees (rank and file types) say, "I am getting my MBA." Such talk can only elicit one question, "For what?" If a person does not have years (eg, five or more) of management experience, then he / she should not even think about entering an MBA program; he / she should invest the time and money toward something more constructive.

An effective MBA curriculum admits students who bring specific experience from their industries. This experience is critical, since it allows students to produce meaningful contributions to class discussions, case studies and team projects. If an MBA student lacks that vital experience, what does he / she offer to the program? He / she provides nothing. He / she is occupying a place that can be filled by a student who can offer a meaningful contribution.

When a manager enters an MBA program, he / she acquires social, financial, marketing and economic skills which can be employed instantly to his / her specific line of work, which can add immediate value to his / her organization. After a rank-and-file employee earns an MBA, he / she can not immediately apply learned skills, because he / she is not in a position to do so.

If you are a rank-and-file employee, who is thinking of pursuing an MBA, do not do it. At the very least, get some management experience.

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