Why Should I Get an Mba?

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Why Should I Get An MBA?

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The MBA or Masters in Business Administration Degree is absolutely required to attain the high salaries that coveted professional business jobs provide. Top ranking programs come in several different forms and are offered through Online programs, Distance Learning, Executive programs and of course through some of the top university business schools in the U.S. and elsewhere in full time and part time MBA programs.

Obtaining the Masters in Business Administration from a Top Program is key to entry into several competitive job fields. Investment Banking, Trading, Consulting, Marketing and Financial Sales are only a few of the highly competitive and high paying financial and business careers. These MBA jobs and the companies that offer them almost exclusively hire from a crop of the top ten program graduates each year. Competition is fierce, but a high ranking school can be the difference between gaining admission into this select world or not.

Several publications issue “MBA School” rankings. Some of the more well-regarded are those put out by BusinessWeek, U.S News and World Report and the Wall Street Journal. There are a few key steps that are required to get into the top MBA programs. A high GMAT score, solid essays, outstanding grades and impressive extracurricular activities are all key components of a good mba school application. There are several great titles available to help you prepare and courses such as Princeton Review and Kaplan can help you achieve your maximum potential on the GMAT.

Of course there is a good amount of competition to get into the best programs and for good reason. MBA jobs are some of the best paying in the workforce and top graduates make on average substantially more than non-degree holders. If you can’t do a full-time program there are a number of quality online MBA and distance learning programs available that can give you a great education and help you move up in corporate America. While these online schools might not have the panache or prestige that a top ranked program will have, they certainly will give you an advantage over the competition with just a bachelor’s degree.

Finally, after you graduate, as important as the degree is your preparation and ability to interview. Interview skills are something that the best MBA programs stress. There are typically resources available at top programs such as career counseling, internships and interview and networking workshops. The MBA is your ticket to the high salary jobs in the exciting worlds of finance and big business that many dream of. With hard work, good planning and dedication obtaining a Masters in Business Administration from a top school can be achieved.  Read more great articles on the MBA at http://www.TopTenMBA.com

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