Oxford University Breakthrough Acne Treatment

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That’s right, you heard it correctly, Oxford University, one of the world’s most prestigious universities has studied and made a recommendation as to the best acne treatment. It is no surprise to industry experts that have been following the research that an all natural ingredient could effectively replace the hazardous benzoyl peroxide, but it is shocking to hear just how effective it can be. Some of the world’s best scientific minds have collaborated and the evidence is clear, Resveratrol outperforms Benzoyl peroxide in the elimination of acne causing bacteria and it does not cause any further damage to the skin.

Acne sufferers will tell you that they welcome any new treatment that can effectively stop breakouts and will not dry out there skin. The fact that it is not harming your skin is just a bonus, or is it much more than that? The answer may shock, surprise and concern you.

Consumers who have been using acne treatments containing the active ingredient Benzoyl Peroxide have found that after prolonged use of the ingredient to have developed skin conditions directly related to that use. Because this acne ingredient is present in so many acne treatments, anyone who has suffered from acne for lengthy periods of time have a significant chance of having been effected. Because the length of time varies for each individual, the FDA is still doing the long term testing and therefore it is up to us to protect ourselves from these potentially harmful products.

Well thank the lord for these recent findings. To know that you can outperform the leading acne treatments will a healthy alternative is just a fantastic revelation. And to have it be the recommendation of such an establishment only makes it that much more exciting. It is not just that acne treatments can become safe that makes it so fantastic, it is the duality of the treatment.

Because resveratrol is also an anti inflammatory, the active ingredient not only eliminates the bacteria that causes acne, it simultaneously reduces redness, swelling and the visibility of the breakouts. This two pronged approach is highly effective and has acne sufferers singing its praises. After all, isn’t that what were are hoping for, the people who use it saying its great. I don’t know about you, but I am tired of watching some has been celebrity telling me that something is going to work and it doesn’t even come close. From now on ill trust the scientists, after all they have a better idea of what they are talking about. That makes me feel better cause I don’t want to trade my acne prone skin for prematurely wrinkled skin or even worse skin cancer.

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