People Can't Make Friends Through The Social Networking Sites

A study which was conducted by the Oxford University Professor of Evolutionary Anthropology Robin Dunbar found that there is no significant difference between users of thousands of social networking site and the “Friends” less the actual exchange of the user’s “friends”. British “Daily Mail” 24 quoted the words of Dunbar:”It’s interesting that people can have the 1500 social networking sites ‘friends’, but only to maintain a similar real-life of about 150 people’s ‘inner circle’.” In accordance with the definition of Dunbar, “inner circle” friends refer to people contact each other at least once a year. “People obviously want to have a large number of friends, but in fact, their friends can’t be more than anybody else,” he said. Dunbar also found that women are more adept to maintain friends at social networking Web site, “there is a huge gender gap and women are more adept to maintain the relationship with the communication with others, Men need to engage in practical activities together.” The result of the study is scheduled to publish this year. Some researchers have previously warned that social networking sites will lead people to “friendship addiction.” Psychologist David Smallwood said that some social networking site users add friend “addiction” to make them appear successful and popular.

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