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Studying in UK with scholarships

Though education in a fast pacing country like the United Kingdom is bit expensive when compared to others, the range of scholarships and other funding facilities offered here are relieving. As more and more international students are applying for higher education in UK universities, the government and some private organizations have set up scholarships for studying in UK and bringing in the new blood and talent.

Among the various scholarships offered for studying in UK Universities, here is a list of top facilities available for international students:-


  • British Chevening Scholarships

These scholarships are monitored by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office to the students applying for part-time or full-time post-graduate degree courses. Mostly, theses scholarships insure the tuition fees, cost of living for one student, airfare to the country and some added advantages. Rest cover only the tuition fees or the expenditure on living in UK.


  • Commonwealth Scholarship Scheme

Commonwealth scholarships have been set up to grant monetary funding to international students from Commonwealth Countries pursuing Master’s and PHD degree courses at UK. Under the UK Department for International development, these cover the airfare, tuition fees, examination fees, personal allowances and some other aids.

Some of the UK University specific Scholarship Schemes are:-

  • Cardiff University Elite International Scholarships for students applying for graduate and post graduate degree programmes in Cardiff University, Wales.


  • Gates Cambridge Scholarships for International Students for students applying for full-time post graduate degree courses in Cambridge University. It fully covers the expenses at the end of the international students.

  • Rhodes Scholarships at Oxford University for International Students are the rewards for studying post graduate courses undertaking tuition fees, health insurance, and airfare to the UK. These are especially offered to extraordinary students.

  • Bristol University International Office Scholarships worth£8,500 offered to deserving international students aiming to study undergraduate and post graduate courses in the University of Bristol.

  • University of Birmingham Scholarships for International Students worth£10,000 are offered to waive off the tuition fees for international students applying for Master’s degree programmes. Around 18 scholarships are offered at the University of Birmingham.

There is a misconception regarding the Scholarship phenomenon abroad. International universities do not offer fee waivers, grants and scholarships to every international student but to only those who deserve to be taught free of cost. If you wish studying in UK is beneficial for you and want to get through tough scholarship exams, start studying band preparing enough before you apply.


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