The Easy Way of Earning Your Ivy League Degree

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A lot of people want the prestige of graduating from Ivy League Schools but were unable to do so for various reasons. There is now a solution to their life’s frustration. Ivy League Schools now offer online classes. Regardless of where you live or other constraints like a job or family duty, an Ivy League degree is no longer impossibility.

Harvard University now offers Environmental Management and Applied Sciences. This two graduate level certificate programs can be fully finished online. The Harvard Extension School also has online courses but some classroom attendance is required

Columbia University’s Graduate Engineering Department allows students from around the world to earn fully recognized degree programs and engineering courses online. Its Teacher’s College has more than 300 online courses.

Dartmouth College offers the Online Bridge Program series, intended for doctorate degree holders, liberal art graduates and promising employees. Area of focus consist of managerial economics, finance, financial accounting.

Cornell University, better known for their labor and human relations program, has several online certificates and courses on their area of expertise. If you want to add an Ivy League degree on your resume, Cornell University grants online certificates that can be earned entirely online.

The University of Pennsylvania provides continuing education distance learning through its Dental, Nursing, Medical and English Language Program. Its PennAdvance program grants Penn undergraduate credits online.

The School of Medicine is the only unit in Yale University that currently has an online degree program. But Yale does offer free online subjects that are not actual classes but are essentially based on their course offering. These consist of courses in English, Philosophy, Psychology and Astronomy among others.

These Ivy League schools are known to be among the finest in the world. They could prepare you with the skills that are expected from graduates of traditional college degrees. The knowledge that they provide are vital and essential in the workplace and preparing you to be better individuals. An online education however, is not for the undisciplined individual. It requires at lot of reading and listening to lectures and slideshows online.

Established educational institutions with online degrees are gaining wide acceptance for various reasons. Flexibility, convenience and economy are the most prevalent ones. Online degree programs allow you to work full time, care for your family and more or less continue with your usual activities while earning your desired degree from an institution of your choice. Some programs focus on your special talents like arts and graphic designs. These degrees can be specialized and unique. If you prefer online degrees of the traditional sort, courses in liberal arts and humanities are your best choice.

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