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Apparently, iPad fever has influenced its ‘virus’ accross the globe. In my country, Indonesia, many people, especially the wealthy ones, are looking for iPad every day. I don’t know what exactly they are looking for from this gadget. Unfortunately, people of my country are always seemingly be “victims” of technology. Really sorry to say that most people of Indonesia buy many sophisticated technology products just to support their lifestyle, while only few of Indonesian people who are pretty brilliant to make wonderful works like the Indians I am about to tell.

India has done another good work besided Bollywood movies and the Bajaj motorcycle industries for its existence and to prove itself to the world. This time India made a good slap by making a gadget that look looks like an iPad, yet costs only USD35. This table will use Linux as its operating system.

This tablet is not a toy certainly. You can use it to write, to browse webs, also to make a video conference. It also has many options for its source of energy, one of them is the solar option. “This is our response to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) computer that worth USD100,” said Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal.

Just for the record, in 2005, MIT Lab Media founder released a computer for children that worth USD100 for developing countries. India said no, and promised that they will develop such computers.

Now, India is planning to subsidy the productions cost to produce the tablet so that the tablet can be released in the market with the cost worth USD20/unit.

Nice one, India! Go Indonesia!

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