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There is a long list of State universities but to some extent one must have the right information while enrolling themselves in those universities. The state universities can be widely diversified based upon SAT or ACT scores. The top fine universities based upon SAT scores that are ruling over the other reputed Universities are Harvard University, California Institute of Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Princeton University, and Paul Quinn College. Whereas the top five Universities based on ACT marks are Pomona College, Yale University, Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Dartmouth College.

There are special loan schemes for students who want to pursue higher studies. These state universities have made a globally cherished platform for itself with a number of highly graded, effectual and qualified teachers to teach on some of the new-fangled courses that are internationally making huge demand

No doubt about the most hi-tech and exclusive quality education by these universities but there are also some special distance learning courses that provide ample flexibility for the students to take up their desired course from a well known university. This unique feature of the state universities of offering a world class renowned online degree make them somewhat more superior compared to other universities of their kind.

Online degree can be economically viable for people who are unable to get a campus degree due to shortage of money or other personal problems. These universities have this unique feature where persons can pursue their online degree in their spare time. It's not necessary that a person should be a US based citizen. Any person, may he be from Far East or from northern or southern hemisphere. Anyone can pursue their online degree from their home. These universities offer online bachelors, masters, doctorate degrees in almost all streams like psychology, liberal arts, culinary arts, game art and design, graphic design, interior design, multimedia and web design, engineering studies, gerontology, family and community services, advertising , marketing, information technology, political science, economics, criminology, sociology, public relations, human resource and many other streams including management as well.

There are numerous universities that might be fake regarding their online degrees. There are hundreds of such universities offering online degrees but ultimately they are of no use because after one attains such degrees, they do not get reorganized globally. But the State Universities are Renowned Universities. Their online degrees are globally recognized and highly appreciated.

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