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Top East Coast Psychology Schools

If you are interested to be become a psychologist then it is vital that you choose the best psychology program and best psychology schools. There are several east coast psychology schools that provide great education and training to all aspirants.

America is flooded with colleges and universities but there are some colleges that are more recognized as compared to others in terms of the career, education, training and job placement of its students pursuing psychology. If you wish to acquire great psychology education from a college that will help make an impression on the recruiters and will increase your chances of getting a job then you should take admission in one of the top east coast psychology schools. The east coast of America has numerous popular and top- ranked universities and colleges. These colleges are also famous for their athletic programs along with their academics programs.

According to the latest ranking and grades following colleges and universities have been listed on the top:

Harvard University: The University was established in 1636 and is the oldest one in America. The university is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is one among the 8 Ivy League institutions in the east coast. The school provides major in psychology and enrolled more than 6000 undergraduate and 12000 graduate students in 2008.

Princeton University: The next university on the list providing great psychology programs in the east coast is Princeton University. The University was started in 1764 and ranks fourth among the oldest universities in America. The university is also a part if Ivy league institutions and is among the famous choice of college among graduate and non-graduate students.

Yale University: It is situated in New Haven, Connecticut and has enrolled more than 11000 graduate and undergraduate students last year. It comprises of a graduate school, undergraduate Yale College and 13 professional schools.

Columbia University: The University of Columbia was founded in 1754 and is among the oldest colleges in New York. The university enrolled over 22000 students last year. Like Yale University the Columbia University also comprises of 13 professional, 3 undergraduate and one school of continuing education.

Duke University: Duke University is situated in Durham, North Carolina. The university holds national and international ranking. It is a very popular among undergraduate and graduate students and enrolled more than 13000 students in 2008. The university boasts its elite athletic program which has been able to win 10 national championships so far.

These are the few reputed and famous east coast psychology schools that will not only provide you quality education but will also help you in getting a better placement.

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