Top 10 Psychology Schools and Universities

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University of California in San Diego (UCSD): The University is known for providing excellence in the psychology curriculum. It is one of the best schools in experimental psychology program.

University of California in Berkeley: The University has maintained its position in the top 10 psychology schools in the US. The school is situated in Berkeley. The school also has over 35 different graduate programs that are ranked top ten nationwide.

University of Pennsylvania: The School hosts the oldest psychology department in North America and the first one to open its doors in 1887. Since then, the school has produced the best psychological scientist in the world.

University of Minnesota Twin Cities: Their Department of Psychology was established in 1919. The school is ranked as one of the well known and larger universities. The school has a broad range of psychology lessons in the applied fields.

Harvard University: The University opened its doors to the department of psychology in the 1800s and has remained among the best schools for graduate level psychology for years. Harvard is the oldest school in the United States of America and was established in 1636.

The University of Illinois: This School is known for its remarkable assortment of psychology classes which include industrial-organizational, biological, developmental, clinical and quantitative. The department was established in 1893.

University of California Los Angeles: The School is located in Westwood area of Los Angeles. The school has been known over along period of time as one of the best schools to host the psychology department ranked as top notch.

Yale University: Yale University is considered one of the giant three along side Stanford and Harvard school. The school is situated in Connecticut and was founded in 1701. It has remained among the highly considered in the world. It specializes in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, clinical and developmental psychology.

University of Michigan: The University offers astonishing psychology programs and has hosted incredible lectures on their study.

Stanford University: This school has consistently ranked number one in the field of psychology. The institution has 17 psychology research laboratories and five professors in the department.

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