Nano Technology With Nokia Morph

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Nano Technology has evolved as an all together different technology area in the mobile world. Mobile phones are advancing at a great and faster pace than never before and Nokia Morph is truly a mobile wonder. This phone has been developed by Nokia Research Center and the University of Cambridge (UK).

The Morph specialty lies in the design and technology used to make it possible. The best part of this phone is that you can transform it according to your wish and that what exactly Nokia wanted to come up with- Flexible and Reliable phone. You can radically change the phone in different shapes one of being the bracelet way.

Professor Mark Welland, Head of the Department of Engineering's Nanoscience Group at the University of Cambridge and University Director of Nokia-Cambridge added, "Developing the Morph concept with Nokia has provided us with a focus that is both artistically inspirational but, more importantly, sets the technology agenda for our joint nanoscience research that will stimulate our future work together "

Mobile phones like Nano Morph certainly depict the upcoming Nano Technology and it will surely be a front-runner in the use of various gadgets and technologies be it Computers, Air Conditioners, Robots, Cars or like this one viz Mobile phones and smartphones. Nokia Morph is truly an absolutely wonderful gadget with flexible bending and wearing options and surely the best in the gadgets segment from the house of Nokia. Wonder what will be next from Nokia, World's leader in the Communication segment.

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