A College Guide For Geeks

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Senior high is over in a few months. Are you geeky enough and ready to take your world to the next level? Here are some colleges in the US that have really cool science and tech departments.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – yes, "the MIT" is the place you can hang around and talk about techie stuff with your classmates. The institute maintains its outstanding reputation as the best engineering school in the country.

University of California Berkeley – The SETI (search for Extra terrestrial Intelligence) home taps on powerful computing power to analyze signals from radio telescopes all over the world. If you'd like to help find "them" out there in space, then you'll be at home here.

Carnegie Mellon University – This is the first university to award PhDs in robotics and even offers robotic minor courses for undergrads.

Cornell University – If creating video games is your career vision, take a plunge to Cornell. They offer minor courses on game design for undergrads and for final projects, make your own game.

University of Maryland – The space systems laboratory will take you off your feet, literally. Experience and make your life gravity-free with the neutral buoyancy tank they have.

Boston University – The University's bio-safety facility enables students and top scientists to conduct pathogen research with equipment that's top of the line. Study killer bugs and help save humanity from dangerous bio attacks with BU's Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory.

Montana State University – If you're not bothered by cold weather, head to the Subzero Science and Engineering Laboratory. Students experience deep freeze life at -80 ° F, study ice cores from Antarctic and get a longer view of Earth's history.

Science and technology have gone far and beyond to provide the world we once imagined. Whether you want your life to revolve around video games, to look for ET or to float around in zero gravity without leaving Earth, there's a good college or university for you.

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