Princeton University

Advantages of a Princeton Education

More Than Just a Great Education – Princeton Offers Diversity and Personal Growth

There are numerous advantages to a Princeton Education. The school is over 250 years old and is still focused on improving students both through academics and through leadership. Princeton is the fourth oldest college in the United States and still provides numerous opportunities for students to evolve and grow. Princeton strives to be the top in undergraduate programs and encourages students to continue to learn and become leaders in the community and the world.

The faculty of Princeton is committed to teaching and allowing students to grow. Both the undergraduates and the graduates benefit from having an award-winning faculty. Graduate students may also have professors that taught them as undergraduates, which allow them to bond with the talented faculty members. The faculty includes several professors who are Nobel Prize laureates, Pulitzer Prize winners and McArthur fellows. Students are able to work closely with these professors throughout their entire college career. Students are also able to work on numerous research projects with professors as Princeton strives to be one of the top research universities. Princeton also emphasizes the importance of independent study and allowing students to study and research what is of interest to them. Junior and senior undergraduates are encouraged to work on their own original research projects and they are guided by their faculty advisors.

The community and campus community of Princeton is also a great advantage to students. Students are able to join specific colleges. These colleges have their own dorms, dining halls, lounges, study rooms, libraries, computer labs, game rooms and television rooms. Some of the colleges also have theaters for the performing arts. Students are able to interact and learn in their chosen colleges as each has its own dean and academic advisors. Each college focuses on an area of learning and the student’s majors such as engineering for example. Each college also has their own intramural sports teams and social events. Each college also has its own website that helps to keep students informed of events and activities. Students will be able to form close friendships and loyalties to their respective colleges.

Students are highly encouraged to interact with each other and to be a part of activities at Princeton. There are several campus clubs, religious centers, international centers and more. These areas are places for students and faculty to come together to make the community of Princeton stronger. There are also several facilities that help students be a part of the community through volunteer work and community action programs. The students at Princeton are diverse culturally, racially and financially. The university strives to promote respect amongst all members of the student body and faculty body.

The advantages of a Princeton education are that students are prepared both academically and personally to become great leaders in the community. They will have the knowledge and skills to hold important and executive positions in the community as well as the leadership abilities. They will continue to use both their academic knowledge in their careers and their personal lives.

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