UCLA Law School – They Are in the Top 15 in All There Ranking Medias

The UCLA Law School is a prestigious educational institution that has been around since 1949. It is considered rather new, but is still in the upper tier of the rankings for national schools. The US News ranks this school at number 15 while the Gourman Report has it at 13, and its educational ranking is at 14. The Princeton Review gave this school their highest ranking by placing them 96 out of 100 when compared to other law schools in America.

There is a student to faculty ratio of 11.6, which has helped provide the quality of the educational experience along with the outstanding staff. For the year 2010, the 25th to 75th percentile of its students that are attending have LSAT scores of 164 to 169 while the GPA was 3.49 to 3.87. While these might be slightly lower than Yale and Harvard, they still overlap some.

This school offers the standard Juris Doctor degree along with many specialties. The specialty degrees include Business Law and Policy, Public Interest Law, Entertainment Law, Law and Philosophy, and Critical Race Studies. For those of you that desire to become a law professor, there is the Doctor of Juridical Science that is offered.

The facility at this educational institution has published over 48 books on the subject of law, 45 chapters, and over 150 legal journal articles since 2002.

Noted alumni from this school include Val Ackerman, Vincent Bugliosi, and Laurie L. Levenson. 94.9% of past graduates have obtained employment before graduating with their degree from the UCLA School.

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