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What is Considered a Good SAT Score?

Students taking the SAT all across the country ask this question over and over again. So I am here to tell you what is considered a good SAT score. Ready? OK… Here we go!

First of all a good score varies based off the schools that you are trying to get into. So I will explain what scores you need to get into different types of schools. OK if you are trying to get into ivy league universities such as Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Brown, Dartmouth, Upenn, Cornell or schools with acceptance rates under 20% (includes some prestigious liberal arts schools to) you generally should have a score around a 2,100 (math, reading, writing combined)

For the so called easier ivys like Cornell a 2,000 is a good score while for the toughest ivy’s (Harvard, Princeton, Yale, and Columbia) students should aim for over a 22,000… For the ones in between like Brown, Dartmouth, and Upenn students should shoot for higher than 2,100. These types of scores will not guarantee acceptance, nor will lower scores guarantee rejection because other factors like leadership roles, and extracurricular activities are highly regarded.

For the 1st tier schools such as Duke, Georgetown, UNC Chapel Hill, NYU etc… you should shoot for an SAT score of over 2000. This will greatly increase your chances of acceptance.

For the rest of the Colleges that have acceptance rates over 40% (many state universities, private universities etc…) You should shoot to have above a 15,000… preferably around an 18,000 to greatly increase chances of acceptance. Don’t worry if your score is under 15,000 because many colleges take sat scores under a 15,000