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First lady Michelle Obama pictures, Michelle Obama offensive image and Michelle Obama hot girls. Google has said that it may not remove the offensive picture of Michelle Obama, United States’ First Lady from its search results. Despite showing inability to remove the picture the search giant has sought apology for offensive images from people. The problem with this controversial picture is that this is the first result that the search engine sends when one searches for Michelle Obama pictures.

By the way the picture is not hosted on any big website, but on a small blog that is hosted on Google property Blogspot.

Michelle Obama has won praise for the way she has conducted herself as the United States first lady after being ushered in there almost a year ago.

Though she is not as active in policy matters as Hillary Clinton was during her husband’s tenure in White House, nonetheless she has been active in areas that need attention from the US First Lday.

When people ask Michelle Obama to describe herself, she doesn’t hesitate. First and foremost, she is Malia and Sasha’s mom.

But before she was a mother — or a wife, lawyer, or public servant — she was Fraser and Marian Robinson’s daughter.

The Robinsons lived in a brick bungalow on the South Side of Chicago. Fraser was a pump operator for the Chicago Water Department, and despite being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at a young age, he hardly ever missed a day of work. Marian stayed home to raise Michelle and her brother, Craig, skillfully managing a busy household filled with love, laughter, and important life lessons.

A product of Chicago public schools, Michelle studied sociology and African-American studies at Princeton University. After graduating from Harvard Law School in 1988, she joined the Chicago law firm Sidley & Austin, where she later met the man who would become the love of her life.

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