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Stephen Fry in America

You may have been watching the series on BBC One, Stephen fry in America – a six part series that documents his journey through every state in the USA, east to west in a London black cab.

Being nearly American himself, nearly on account of his father turning down a job at Princeton University, Fry travelled across the country taking in some of the most famous attractions in the USA, and some of the lesser known but equally interesting.

From New York City and the Battlefields of Gettysburg to the Hoover Dam and industrial mayhem of Motor City – Detroit, Fry’s journey takes him, and the viewer through a land of contrast.

An article on the Telegraph points out just how gigantic the USA really is, with New York State, only 27th largest in the America, but actually bigger than the whole of England – it really brings home the ground he has to cover, and helps to understand just why it is a land of contrast.

Travelling by car is a fantastic way to see America – if you have the time and the means to hit the road, you will get the chance to witness the real America – something that can be missed so easily.

Fly to Miami and you will see the art deco and vibrant culture of Miami’s South Beach. Visit New England and Maine to witness a rugged coastline and sample the fantastic seafood delights. Or perhaps journey to the Deep South and see a grand music culture and enjoy the soul food that is famous to the region.

Visit one of these places and you will see something that will surely make for a fantastic holiday, but you will also miss the bigger picture, the dissimilarity of the country.

Las Vegas pizzazz, the majesty of the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam, the history of Washington DC, the inspiring Mount Rushmore – the list is pretty much endless, and discovering all these destinations is a true adventure, one that can only be found in the land of the brave.

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