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Nike officially named in 1978, but later came to the market than has been the leading brand Adidas ranks, Puma, Reebok, known as the “new world for nearly 20 years created the most successful consumer goods companies.”In the U.S., the adults want to have the famous sports car serves as contrast, and the dreams of young people is having a pair of Nike shoes, “Nike” as consumers seek a “dream.” Nike company worldwide turnover in 1994 reached nearly 4.8 billion U.S. dollars. Profit growth of between 10 years about 30 times! Nike’s secret?Nike has two main success magic.

nike air max shoes, once developed gas introduced and successfully selling the world. In addition, sports marketing is the most rely on the marketing of Nike. It costs each year up to 2 out of marketing million, Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Andrea Vargas these are the world’s leading sports stars has been heavily Nike “buy”, which stars as Nike shoes achieved a lot in global air max 360new executives from Pepsi’s CFO Tony Blair is an example. Meanwhile, Knight has also been integrated supply chain system, expansion of product lines, adding new brands and a series of attempts. When the phase in a consumer products company in a responsible position when Perez, Knight of this without any experience in sports marketing, “airborne” has full confidence, he humorously said, Perez had the experience of long-distance running, Nike is more suitable than others. The successor, Felipe Perez Roque said he was Knight’s faithful followers will adhere to in accordance with the idea of Knight’s business of acting. But a year later, the two men not only not a good management idea of running, but is farther and farther.

The late 90s of last century, the pace of growth gradually slowed down Nike, 30% earnings growth in previous years has become in the past. Knight admitted that Nike, it has been a great program, relying on the intuition is growing. Today, Nike has become the industry’s leading companies, Knight recognized, it has to change when needed in the discipline and innovation, creativity and organization to find a balance between. From the outside to find a CEO for Nike is a way to maintain this balance. There is no doubt that Nike founder Knight is so proud of Stanford University MBA student. Who had been a college track team player with experience he found the poor quality of American sports shoes shortcomings, and thus initiation of the U.S. in a better idea of sports shoes. This is Knight’s track coach Bill Bowerman in the school of thinking. In 1964, Knight and Bowerman funded 500 U.S. dollars each, the predecessor — to create the Nike shoe company in the Blue Ribbon. Later, Knight bought from the hands of a college student that is now ubiquitous Nike logo, then spent only 35 dollars. Founded initially as poor performance, Knight even had an accountant and work to supplement the family income. Famous footwear giant Adidas will not think of how it is this in just 35 dollars will buy the brand in the future growth of the brand to make it afraid of billions of dollars worth of powerful opponents.

In Greek mythology, Nike means “Victory”,was a goddess who personified victory throughout the ages of the ancient Greek culture. She is known as the Winged Goddess of Victory.Nike logo Swoosh looks like the Winged Goodness of  Victory to fly.So its success seems not very surprisin.

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