Cambridge University Tag | Shirley Bekker | Natural Sciences

Hi Guys!

This is the first edition of the Cambridge University Tag. I created this tag, so that I could interview multiple students of colour across the university, to give you an idea of their experiences, over a range of different subjects.

The first is with Shirley Bekker.

She has a great channel herself, check it out, and make sure you watch our other videos over there!

Shirley’s Channel :

Twitter: @Chidera_ota

Thank you for watching!!!
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5 thoughts on “Cambridge University Tag | Shirley Bekker | Natural Sciences

  1. Idil M

    Hi I really enjoy your videos! I am black as well and hopefully applying to cambridge for medicine this october – its really motivating to see someone like me in your position.

    Also, I was wondering how you chose to do BMAT only. I know you get your result after you apply so would it not be really risky in case you get a bad result? Thank you!!

  2. Milo Adeyemi

    I'm a black girl starting Phys NatSci at Homerton in October (god willing). I'm not even too concerned about finishing top but I'm just scared of leaving without of 2.1, it's nice to know you guys are out they're paving the way and showing I might get there and not crash and burn

  3. Anne

    Hey! Your videos are so helpful! I just wanted to ask, for the medicine course would you say there's a preference towards applicants who take physics? Even if it's just to AS level? Only because I'm currently in Year 12 and I take bio, chem, maths, french and physics but I'm getting to the point where physics is too hard haha😅 Do you know many people who got into the course with physics only at GCSE?


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