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Modi Shines at MPSFs –

Oklahoma 71.150 69.950 73.250 74.050 72.600 71.200 432.200
STANFORD  71.800 68.750 72.250 71.950 70.750 71.350 426.850
Cal 67.950 66.050 68.400 70.850 68.850 68.000 410.100
Air Force  67.650 65.050 67.050 69.250 65.200 68.700 402.900

BERKELEY, Calif. – Akash Modi claimed the all-around crown as well as his fourth MPSF Gymnast of the Year award – only the third athlete in MPSF history to do so, as the No. 2 Cardinal posted its second-highest score of the year in a second-place finish at the MPSF Championships Saturday. No. 1 Oklahoma claimed the crown with a 432.200 to Stanford’s 426.850 while No. 11 Cal posted a 410.100 and No. 10 Air Force a 402.900.

In the all-around, Akash Modi posted an 88.000 for his second-highest score on the year to take his sixth title, prior to being honored as the MPSF Gymnast of the Year. Modi is the sole gymnast to ever receive the award all four years of his career and joins the ranks of Stanford water polo legend Tony Azevedo and Hawaii’s Aimee Harrison for women’s diving as a four-time recipient.

Stanford (15-3) started out the day on pommel horse where Andrew Misiolek led the way with a 14.450 to place second as the Cardinal posted a 68.750 as a team in its third-highest score of the year.

Next up, Stanford added a season-best as a team on rings with a 72.250 with Josiah Eng leading the Card, posting a 15.100 to take second in the event behind OU’s Yul Moldauer. Modi placed fourth in the event with a season-high 14.800 while Robert Neff also posted a season-best 14.250.

Vault loomed next for the Cardinal where Connor Lewis added a career-best 14.250 before Taylor Seaton posted a 14.650 to take fifth in the event.

Stanford then moved to parallel bars where Bailey Perez notched a career-best 13.500 to open the rotation before Akash Modi tied his season-best 15.450 to take second in the event by only .050.

A strength lay in the next event as the Cardinal took to the high bar to claim the team event title with a 71.350 as Robert Neff paved the path with a 14.850 to place second. Akash Modi followed next to tie for third with a 14.700.

The last event on the day was a forte for the Cardinal as it took back-to-back team titles with a 71.800 on floor. Taylor Seaton led the way with a 14.650 that Akash Modi followed with a 14.600 before Robert Neff and Jordan DeClerk closed it out tying for fourth with a 14.350 each.

The Cardinal has two weeks to prepare for the NCAA Championships. It will travel to West Point, N.Y. to compete on the campus of the United States Military Academy on April 21 and 22.

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