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Hello Sandy Cardinal Fans!

Your ladies came back to The Farm last week refreshed and well-rested after spring break and ready to start the last quarter of the school year and our final month of competition. 

We had a busy first weekend back, winning our matches against San Francisco and San Jose State on Friday, and then supporting Jenna in the dual track meet against Cal on Saturday. She finished second in the javelin, and I think our signs and obnoxious cheering really helped her.

One of the things I miss from when I was in Southern California for spring break is Philz Coffee.  I’ve always been a Starbucks person, but I might like Philz more now. Since coffee is so important for college students, I decided to take a poll of the team and see how everybody else feels. It wasn’t that close, as 10 girls said they like Starbucks better, and only Ivana, Shannon and Jenn prefer Philz.

The quarter system at Stanford really allows us take a lot of different classes to see what we might be interested in. The classes I am most excited about this quarter are sportswriting and ecology.  I am also looking forward to my last quarter of sign language, which is a popular class among athletes — this year’s class includes members of the football, softball, water polo, soccer and lacrosse teams. 

Our team is dominated by girls majoring in human biology, but freshman and Huntington Beach, California, native Chelsea Red-Horse Mohl is someone who always walks her own path. Chelsea is enrolled in ITALIC, a year-long residential arts-intensive program for freshmen that studies art theory and practice for different mediums such as dance, painting, film, improvisation and more. 

She is often dressed in food costumes or onesies, and her favorite is her grape costume. Chelsea is currently obsessed with Courtney Bowen and her carefree behavior off the court. She is the captain of the Stanford quidditch team, and identifies herself as “Team Hufflepuff.” 

She is of Native American heritage, as her grandfather was full blooded Cherokee and was born on the Indian territory in Oklahoma. Red-Horse was his name and it has been passed down through her mother’s side as a middle name. I sat down with Chelsea and asked her a few questions so we can all get to know her better: 

Favorite Stanford class, and why?

So far, my favorite has been intro to film studies since our professor was this Russian film fanatic with a thick accent who would go off on random rants about how Spielberg isn’t a “real” director. He also kind of looked like Gru from Despicable Me.

Most embarrassing volleyball moment?

In 8th grade before a middle school game, my mom screamed in front of all my friends outside of the gym “CHELSEA! I have your pads!!” meaning my knee-pads since I forgot them at home, but everyone else thought differently. 

What superpower would you want?

This is a tough question, but I would say either Psychokinesis or Time Travel. 

Favorite Harry Potter character?

I always have trouble with this since I love all of them but I have to go with Nymphadora Tonks because #HufflepuffPride.

Where in the world do you want to travel to?

Naples, Italy and then make my way up the Italian coast and then throughout the rest of Europe. 

Dream Date?

Making spicy spicy meatballs while wearing matching hotdog costumes and dancing to “Everytime We Touch” by Cascada with the one and only Courtney Bowen

Fruit chopped or blended? 

Oh, most definitely chopped. No doubt in my mind.

This week, we are very excited for four-time Olympic medalist and Stanford alum Kerri Walsh Jennings to visit The Farm and be honored at our dual against Cal on Tuesday. Cal will also be our first match of the season to be televised on Pac-12 network. The team will also play at home Friday against Oregon, and Saturday against Washington and Boise State — we hope to see you there, rain or shine!

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