California Yacht Weddings: California's Thrilling On Water Marriage Ceremonies and Charters

Thanks to its incredible coastline, California yacht weddings are a great way to express your love of the Pacific and your spouse-to-be. If you’re planning a nautical wedding, continue reading for a rundown of recommended yacht wedding charters in California, along with a few hints and tips that will keep you clean and dry on your wedding day.

Admiral Yacht Charters in Newport Beach, CA

Located in Newport Beach, Admiral Yacht Charters specializes in California yacht weddings. Their packages include a private yacht, wedding decorations, a bridal room, ceremony and reception. The company has two yachts in their fleet and prices range from $7000 to $17,000 depending on the time of year and number of guests.

The yacht company has a strong profile in the Newport Beach area and books up quickly, so brides should be prepared to commit well in advance.

Hornblower Weddings in California

Hornblower Weddings have a fleet with ports in San Diego, Marina Del Rey, Berkeley, San Francisco and Newport Beach, meaning they can service almost the entire California coastline. That also means they’re very popular with California brides.

The prices at Hornblower aren’t the cheapest in California, but they’re still reasonable. Brides can expect to pay about $150 to $160 per guest for a standard package that includes a sit-down dinner, drinks, a DJ, ceremony and decorations. The Hornblower fleet is made up of 25 vessels, ranging from small and intimate (20 guests) to massive (up to 600 stand-up guests).

Electra Cruises in Southern California

Electra Cruises services the entire Southern California area, utilizing either their own fleet or a network of vessels in the surrounding area. Their services also go beyond yacht charters. They also do complete wedding consultations with the bride to arrange catering, decorations, invitations and other planning tasks. Many brides enjoy the personalized and customized service, along with the included DJ and photographer.

Prices for yacht weddings with Electra Cruises are remarkably reasonable – ranging from $65 per person to $85 per person depending on the vessel and the number of guests. However, their advertised prices do not include host bar services. Brides should be prepared to pay an additional $12 per person for a wine and beer bar or $14 per person for a liquor bar.

Tips for a Successful Yacht Wedding

California yacht weddings bring both the beauty and the dirt of a ceremony at sea. Rather than drag your dress through the dredges of a local port, look for a yacht company that offers on-board change rooms and choose a dress with a reasonable hemline and no train.

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