A Level Results Day | I’m Going To Oxford University | Helen Lily

Hi everyone!

Yesterday was A level results day and I thought I’d capture my ramblings on camera.

I’m absolutely thrilled to have secured my place at Oxford University to study Economics and Management, and I hope anyone else who received their A level results is happy and proud of themselves!

Thank you for your love and support,
Helen Lily

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23 thoughts on “A Level Results Day | I’m Going To Oxford University | Helen Lily

  1. Tacko

    I don't know about A levels and such (french girl right here) but it looks like such a big achievement i also gratuated and going to college this fall, wish you the best !

  2. Duaa F

    Hey, well done!! So proud, could you please make a video on tips for A level Maths and Biology and A level in general, like the experience etc and how to do well. So inspired by you:)

  3. Anya Sophie

    Omg congrats girl!! 🎉 What college are you going to if you don't mind me asking? Can't wait for more videos when you're at oxford! This video has literally motivated me so much I need to work my ass off over the next year now ahaha

  4. Rish

    Hey congratulations! what work experience did you do? and could you do a video on how to revise for economics, not many videos on it would be very helpful!


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