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Top UK Universities – The Key to Success

We hear of so many people telling their different success stories every so often. As we listened to them, we realize that there really is no one way to achieve it. From top school achievers to underducated hard workers, the stories get more and more varied. And then, every once in a while, there come the lucky ones. Those who join a contest or the lottery and win millions.

Although there are different routes to success, it can not be denied that good education is still a key factor in achieving it. It may not be a certainty, but it sure does play a great role in directing us towards a career path that we would want to take. From the time we are prepared by our parents for our first day of school until our last year in college, they try their best to instill how important education is. Every year, they reiterate the value of education and how much it can help us better our lives. They remind us to persevere in school and become a lawyer, an engineer, a doctor, a businessman, an accountant, a teacher, a high-ranking government official and so on. These are the common dreams of parents for their children. They may be big dreams, but they are dreams that are achievable.

The practitioners previously mentioned are just some of those that require higher education. United Kingdom's top universities offer higher education for individuals who wish to achieve such professions. To date, University of Oxford, University of Cambridge and The Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (more commonly referred to as the Imperial College of London), hold the three top spots of the list of best colleges and universities in the UK. Following them not far behind are the London School of Economics and St. Louis. Andrews, sitting on the fourth and fifth slots. The rankings are determined by the ability of the institutions to earn good honors, graduate prospects, student satisfaction, research quality services and facilities, and student-staff ratio, to name a few.

Oxford, Cambridge and the Imperial College of London are consistently on the top five. They continue offer undergraduate and post-graduate courses that have impressive curricular to arm their students with the knowledge that will help them reach their full potential and excel in whatever profession they are preparing themselves for. These top UK universities brag having produced generations after generations of prime ministers such as Robert Walpole, Margaret Thatcher, Tony Blair and India's Rajiv Gandhi, who was the youngest to achieve the position in India at age 40. They have also produced numerous heads of state or heads of government around the world, and the most notable scientists like Abdus Salam and Alexander Fleming which scientific discoveries and breakthroughs allowed us to have better understanding of many scientific concepts and rationales.

There are many students who think that getting themselves out to the work as early as possible would give them a head start to success. That is the reason why there are so many people who start looking for jobs after they have earned their high school diploma. Street knowledge does allow one to have unique experiences that will make itself or her equipped to face the real world's challenges. As a matter of fact, it can not be denied that there are certain lessons that are not taught within the four walls of a school. What they do not understand, though, is that the more education they have, the better informed they are about the jobs that they take, and of the possible advances that they can achieve from their jobs. In fact, the better educated they are, the better they understand money and ways they could acquire it. Education does not only teach an individual concepts and ideas. It disciplines and trains us to work hard, research and investigate, and obtain knowledge on a subject that we know nothing about.

Education is still the key to success. Higher learning does come with a price tag. However, it is something that many parents and students are very much willing to spend on. The top universities in the UK have never failed to produce the most talented, intelligent and well-rounded people. This fact is verifiable in the number of successful people, whether in the past or present, that came from these institutions. Obtaining degrees from these highly reputed UK universities grants one with an impressive resume that can definitely give a nudge towards landing the top graduate jobs in Manchester, executive graduate jobs in London and different prestigious graduates jobs in other major UK cities and around the world. A college or high degree is indeed an investment that promises many great returns.

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