Guillermo Haro Fought Until the End

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Guillermo Haro is an ordinary citizen whose name was known all through out the world. Although he grows up in a loving and well-provided family, he has his virtues and values ​​which keep him special. In his early days, he goes to school and strive hard to attain what he wanted. It is very visible that he excels in class more than those his batch. His true potential became after after he graduated at the University of Mexico as Philosopher. Things started to change and he entered Harvard University in the United States hoping that it would widen his knowledge about astronomy.

Guillermo Haro graduated and all his dreams started to come. He starts with smallventions and discoveries which later on led the big secrets uncoovered. He works with his co-scientist and astronomer and they also did a great job. Of course, there's no such thing as smooth journey for all of us. A scientist or astronomer is no exception. The bigger your achievements are, the bigger the problems will be. Haro fall almost every step he makes but he never brave up. If he did, we would not experience such comfort we have today. If all scientist did surge after one fall, we will still be on Stone Age today do not you think?

Guillermo Haro was famous not only because of him conventions but also because of his values ​​and principles. Aside from that, his perseverance to stand up after each great fall makes him so remarkable. It only shows that courage and hard work always let you have the best. Problems are there because they serve their purpose. That is stop you, ruin you and bring you down. But Guillermo Haro fought until the end. Just like Haro, I think all of us can do that. It just takes courage, hard work and faith in you.

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