Princeton grad on the destructive GOP tax plan

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The Republican tax plan will hurt working people and destroy higher education in the U.S. Princeton grad student, David Walsh, breaks down the GOP tax plan that would cost him thousands and thousands of dollars.

7 thoughts on “Princeton grad on the destructive GOP tax plan

  1. Sunny Yoda

    I am a grad student at Purdue University and I totally agree with this video, this tax reform is absolutely absurd and I found it shocking that this bill was proposed.

  2. buckpasser55

    all republican voters approve the MASSIVE TAX HIKE on the poor and middle class and students etc. They only care about stuffing the pockets of their billionaire MASTERS, and they will then blame it all on someone else, as they have been doing for many decades.

  3. Jack Gordon

    “Unreal. Not only do they want to be paid for just being grad students (a stipend) but they want the "value" of their tuition to be tax free? Huh? Whatever school they attend sets a price for their education (a commodity) for which the university gets paid in real dollars (usually from the Fed govt!). Again, what about the guy sitting next to them that is paying his own way with real money that he EARNED which is TAXED to death?!?

    The only PhD's that should be funded should be in STEM. No more English French Lit or Poli Sci PhD's! EVER!

    This queen should be thrown out of school and forced to work a real job – otherwise he will be at college until he is 40, 50 – OR NEVER LEAVE.

    Cuts in income, investment and corporate taxes benefit people who work and invest – not this sissy Mary who wants to be an eternal college student.

    Our despicable universities produce eternal children.

  4. Jack Gordon

    GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!! These snot noses who ran out of mommy and daddy's money and are now getting stipends (paid for by people who work REAL jobs) to be eternal college students need to go an get real jobs!!!!!

    This is the first step in bringing down the Big College scam!!!!!! OUT-FUCKING-STANDING!!!!!

  5. Jack Gordon

    Toys R Us is going out of business, so Lady Davey won't find work there after she gets her degree in astronomy or poli-sci. But for now:

    I don't wanna grow up, I'm a stipend kid,
    The feds have a trillion bucks, that I can tap in!
    I don't wanna grow up, I'm a stipend kid,
    I can stay in school and work much less, taxpayers chip in!


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