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The World's Top Universities

When thinking about your future career, there are many considerations that must be clearly assessed. Deciding on what subject to study and what career to pursue post graduation are only two of many other questions to raise. One of the most difficult questions relates to which university to choose. Some people are lucky enough to know where to study, but if you do not feel too lucky, university rankings can just help you pick your future school.

University rankings are lists of institutions that are ranked based on combinations of factors. Ranking are typically conducted by illustrious magazines, newspapers, governments and academic organizations. There is an expanding diversity in the grading system used for ranking. Some of which include measures of research excellence, student choices, learning environment, citations and industry income.

According to Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) World University Rankings for 2010-2011, the University of Cambridge is the top-ranked educational institution in the world. Located in Cambridge, England, the public research university is rich in history as it is the second oldest university in the United Kingdom and the seventh oldest globally. This prestigious institution has also built a sizable number of alumni who are highly capable in their relevant fields. The school's reputation is approved by many external reviewers of learning and teaching.

Behind Cambridge University is the oldest learning institution in America – Harvard University. The important institution continuously enjoys a strong reputation grounded in the success of the graduates and supported by outstanding teaching faculty.

After Harvard comes Yale University, the third oldest institution of higher education all through the United Sates. This prominent learning institution is distinctively committed to excellence in education for students in all levels.

Behind Yale, the next top universities in the world include University College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Oxford, Imperial College of London, University of Chicago, California Institute of University, Princeton University, and Columbia University.

University ranking is perhaps one of the most essential factors for choosing the right university. Generally, high rankings signify good quality of education. While there could be more than one list of the world's top universities, they could mean a lot for students who only want to get the best of education. Since higher education is fast becoming global in this day and age, rankings can be truly beneficial for international students planning to explore foreign countries. Beside, rankings also raise awareness of universities being ranked. In this manner, there will be an increased competition amongst institutions which will inevitably lead to a better quality of education.