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ROHNERT PARK, Calif.May 15, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — College graduation is a big step for students who will be transitioning into the “real world.” They will be looking for jobs and getting acquainted with their student debt situation. Leading up to the big day, parents and friends may be wondering what sort of gift to get the college graduate in their life. Ameritech Financial, a document preparation company that helps federal student loan borrowers with federal repayment plan applications, suggests a gift that can support graduates in student loan repayment.

“After living on shoestring budgets, college graduates might be grateful for any gift they get for their big achievement,” said Tom Knickerbockerexecutive vice president of Ameritech Financial. “When student loans can extend financial struggles well beyond their college years, graduates might appreciate the extra help dealing with them.”

Student loan repayment can cause financial stress and even embarrassment. It can negatively affect credit if it is not kept up with and can cause life delays. When previous generations have been able to buy houses and jumpstart retirement savings, college graduates today have to contend with their student loans.

Some parents gift their new graduate customized items to commemorate the day. Others may choose something more practical like an Amazon Prime membership. Parents or friends who are aware of the state of student loans may decide to go another direction. While student loan borrowers might not get help in repayment in the form of legislation, parents can help in their own ways.

Students might be wise to accept help with their student loans, whether they are hoping to make extra payments to wipe it out as quickly as possible or if they simply need to figure out how to reduce the monthly burden their loans have on the financial situation they find themselves in after graduation.

Ameritech Financial is a private company that helps borrowers apply for federal income-driven repayment plans (IDRs). Such plans can reduce payments based on income and family size and can end in forgiveness after 20 to 25 years of enrollment. Borrowers in IDRs can potentially work toward other goals.

“Recent graduates might not know about IDRs or might not have the time or mindset to understand them enough to pursue them on their own,” said Knickerbocker. “At Ameritech Financial, we help borrowers understand and apply for IDRs so they can continue to focus on what’s important to them, like a new career or any other life changes they are excited to plan for.”

About Ameritech Financial

Ameritech Financial is a private company located in Rohnert Park, California. Ameritech Financial has already helped thousands of consumers with financial analysis and student loan document preparation to apply for federal student loan repayment programs offered through the Department of Education.

Each Ameritech Financial telephone representative has received the Certified Student Loan Professional certification through the International Association of Professional Debt Arbitrators (IAPDA).

Ameritech Financial prides itself on its exceptional customer service.

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