Prom queen gives crown away to special needs student

TOPSHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER Maine) — Prom is often a memorable night for high schoolers. At Lisbon High School’s prom over the weekend, one student had a special moment thanks to the kindness of another.

Macy Galietta is a junior at Mt. Ararat High School, but was asked to go to Lisbon High School’s prom by her friend Wesley Lucas. Both Galietta and Lucas have Autism and were happy to find out that Lucas was voted prom king during the celebration. Shelby Cyr won prom queen, but the 17-year-old didn’t hold onto her title for very long.

“When it came time to announce a prom king and queen, I saw how much Wesley loved it and I saw the smile on his face and I just wanted to make her feel the same way,” said Cyr.

Cyr took her new crown, sash and title and gave them away to Galietta. A moment neither of them wil ever forget.

Shelby Cyr and Macy Galietta at prom.

“I’ve never gotten anything at a dance before,” said Galietta in tears. “It made me really touched.”

What may have seemed like a small gesture to one, clearly wasn’t so small to a girl who never dreamed of becoming prom queen. Galietta’s new title has brought on lots of smiles and some tears because of her new friend who saw the power of paying it forward.

“Make a memory and make their night special, that just meant everything to me and that meant more than being prom queen to me,” said Cyr.

Macy and Wesley at prom.

Cyr will be graduating from Lisbon High School on June 3rd and plans on studying health science at the University of Southern Maine. Galietta is finishing up her junior year at Mt. Ararat High School and is looking forward to attending her school’s senior prom next year.

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