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The Falconer Central School District will celebrating its 30th year of providing an after prom party for students to enjoy on Saturday. The theme for 30th anniversary is Mardi Gras. From Left: Danelle Donelson, junior; Rosie Digirolamo, nurse assistant; Kaylee Vincent, junior; Macey Arnone, junior; and Klayton Campbell, junior.
P-J photo by Jordan W. Patterson

For 30 consecutive years, the Falconer Central School District has offered an alternative after-prom party for high school students to attend. Bead necklaces and masks will be distributed for this year’s theme of Mardi Gras.

Rosie Digirolamo, health assistant and the After-Prom Committee coordinator, said the goal of the continued tradition is “to keep our kids safe and to provide them with safe place after they go to prom.”

The party thrives on donations from local businesses and volunteer time from staff and community members. The party will featuring a casino where student can gamble and earn fake money to cash in for prizes at the end of the night.

The party begins Saturday at midnight and runs until 5 a.m. Prior to prom and the after-party, the After-Prom Committee invites the public to an open house that will allow community residents a peek at the Mardi Gras styled party from 7-8:30 p.m. where Superintendent Stephen Penhollow will address those who attend.

“I think the after-prom (party) which has been a tradition here with our school and the community is something that everyone is proud of and continues to be proud of,” said Jeffrey Jordan, high school principal. “What other program has lasted 30 consecutive years and every year it seems to grow and our students look forward to it.

“The goal has always been, if you talk to the people that originated the plan, we want the students to be safe. That’s No. 1,” he continued.

Jordan said mostly every student who attends the event walks out early in the morning with a prize.

The after-prom party also features a silent auction, a Chinese auction, a money ball raffle and a boutique where students can purchase the majority of the prizes after earning money from games throughout the morning. Food and drink will be supplied to the students as well.

The decorations and theme for the after-prom party are set up by staff and parent volunteers.

Digirolamo and Jordan both said the event has become very popular beyond the community. Digiolamo said students from other districts occasionally attend the after-party events if the students was brought to the Falconer prom as a date or guest.

Jordan said there is about 180 students in the 11th and 12th grade classes. Currently, signed up to attend the after prom event are 150 students. While some of the guests could be under classmen and students from other districts, Jordan was proud that a large majority of students attend the safe event.

Jordan said everything that is dangerous in the community is avoided by bringing the students into the school.

“It’s free from all of that and it’s a place where they can have fun,” he said.

Digirolamo encouraged the community to visit the open house on Saturday to see what Falconer is providing its students.

“People who have never seen it before are always in awe,” she said.

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