School districts changing calendars to compensate for missed days


– Minnesota school districts are struggling to catch up in class after many weather-related cancellations.

A law is being prepared to change the timetable and give the districts some flexibility to meet the requirements of state legislation this year.

Parents who pick up their children in front of East Lake Elementary School in Rosemount are divided on a decision made Monday night by the school board to turn Friday, April 19 during the Easter weekend into a regular school day to catch up the time lost that he canceled.

"I was disappointed to have to catch up," said Amanda Hirning, a mother. "I have the feeling that we should not have to reconcile ourselves."

"I think it's a good idea to use one of the days off and not extend the school year, so I'm quite satisfied," said Katie Gilmore, a mother. "My children do not know the difference and we will continue to continue."

District 196 is one of many state residents who are trying to find a way to meet the legal requirements for students to attend at least 165 teaching days.

"We think the training period is more useful in April, instead of adding days at the end of the school year," said Tony Taschner, Director of Communications for District 196.

Since the end of January, District 196 has canceled its school five times. Other regions, like Rochester, have closed the school nine times this year. Republican Senator Carla Nelson of Rochester introduced a bill that gives administrators more flexibility to make up for these extra days while complying with state laws.

"For this year, I want school boards to have local control if they need it," said Senator Nelson. "However, there is an obligation to inform the Commissioner of the Department of Education of the number of shortened days, and then seriously consider e-learning days in the future."

FOX 9 is registered with the school districts of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Minneapolis says they have a longer schedule than most districts and that should be fine. St. Paul weighs his options on the days to be converted.