Eight to be honored at the annual awards of graduates of the UI College of Education


CHAMPAIGN – The University of Illinois College of Education will honor eight alumni who are leaders in their field at its annual Distinguished Alumni and Young Alumni Achievement Awards, to be held Friday at the I Hotel and Conference Center.

Dean James Anderson, faculty and alumni will be on hand to honor the laureates, including:

Ann Larson (Ph.D., # 98), Dean and Professor in the Department of Middle and Secondary Education, College of Education and Human Development at the University of Louisville.

Described as an "innovative researcher" by its author, Larson has a long history of fellowships in the areas of community engagement, university-school partnerships, evaluation, accreditation and accountability for teacher preparation, teacher training, curriculum theory and studies, social fundamentals of education and teaching English.

Elegwa Mukulu (Ph.D. & # 39; 04), Professor of Entrepreneurship at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, Nairobi, Kenya.

Described by its author as "a hard-working and determined worker, endowed with unwavering personal integrity and a passion for work", Mukulu has been published more than 95 times in the Journal of Human Resources Development and of entrepreneurship and in the International Journal of University Research in Business and Social Sciences. , among others.

Jennifer Lewis Dillavou (BA & # 39; 82), President of the UI Alumni Alliance and Deputy Vice Chancellor for Relations with Alumni.

Since her return to unemployment insurance, she "has given new life to the Alumni Association and has sparked renewed interest in continuing career information programs, electoral constituencies, participation, travel programs and so much more to keep elders engaged ".

Margaret Kobia (Ph.D. & # 39; 03), who chairs the Kenya Public Service Commission in Nairobi.

Kobia has served the Kenyan government in various high-level positions and has an "outstanding" record of leadership in the public service. She has also brought "tremendous" institutional and academic contributions to research and detailed presentations to students and government officials in East Africa and in Africa. Commonwealth.

For his services and contribution to national development, Kobia received the Order of the Great Warrior, the Order of Burning Spear First Class Leader, awarded by the President of Kenya in 2007 and 2009 respectively. In 2016, she received the Golden Heart Top of the Board Award for Excellence in Leadership in the Public Service.

Patricia Clark (Ph.D. 1993), Professor and Director of the Department of Elementary Education at Ball State University.

A recognized leader in the field of early childhood education, Clark has appeared before more than 100 national and international audiences at Ball State. He has written numerous articles and book chapters in well-known publications. He also published his book "Transforming Teacher Education for Social Justice".

Her author, however, stated that her most notable contribution was the "Schools in the Context of the Community" program, which she co-founded to address early childhood education with special attention race, social class, poverty and other social justice issues. "

Travis Wilson (BA '97, MS '08, Ph.D. '11), associate professor of psychology at Oberlin College, Ohio.

From high school science education in Houston, to the Peace Corps in Kenya with his current position, Wilson is "committed to social justice and making the world a better place for all children." through research, teaching and services ".

"Wilson has a deep and intentional commitment to service, which is reflected in every aspect of his work and research," said his author.

The Graduate Excellence Award recognizes alumni aged 40 and under who have made an outstanding professional contribution to their field since graduation.

Recipients include:

Joel Malin (Ph.D. & # 39; 15), Assistant Professor in the Department of Educational Leadership of the University of Miami, Ohio.

Regarded as a rising star in leadership and educational policy by its author, Malin has developed an aggressive research agenda encompassing links between research, policy and practice in the areas of education, politics, and politics. career preparation and leadership programs in education, which distinguished him as an international center. recognized schoolboy. "

Rebecca Woodard (Ph.D. & # 39; 12), Assistant Professor in Curriculum and Teaching at UI-Chicago.

As a young researcher, Woodard has written and co-authored 16 articles in leading journals, seven book chapters and a number of guest chapters and reviews. She is highly respected in the field of literacy and has presented several major national and international conferences including the American Educational Research Association and Writing Research Across Borders.