A lawyer from a former Centerville teacher is being prosecuted: "A rumor gone wrong" …


Lawyer Anthony Comunale appeared Thursday with his client, Samuel Glenn, a former Centerville teacher, a Centerville graduate in 2007, in the courtroom of Judge Gerald Parker, Montgomery County's general advocate.

Glenn was charged with third-degree murder in early January by a grand jury in Montgomery County.

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The information contained in the survey documents obtained by the Dayton Daily News reveal that he allegedly had an inappropriate sexual relationship with a student and also opened several openings to other students via social media.

Parker has set the date of the trial to July 22 and the trial date to July 3. The status conference was set for April 25th. Parker has announced to Glenn that he should be present on this date.

Glenn joined the US military between the time of the initial investigation in 2017 and the indictment in January of this year.

Comunale said Thursday that his client denies any criminal responsibility and is the unintentional victim of what "is a rumor that went terribly wrong."

"We think there are other people who might know about it," he said. "It happened a long time ago, but we encourage them to come forward and contact me to give me information."

Glenn received support during the legal proceedings of former colleagues and the community.

"There has been a lot of support from the community and the support of former colleagues and even former students," said Comunale. "He is very grateful for that."

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The forces of order have a different view of the situation.

"It was consensual sex, but consensual does not matter. He was in a position of authority, and no matter how you play it, it's against the law, "said Centerville policeman John Davis at this news agency following the news conference. indictment.

The incident reportedly occurred between January 14 and January 15, 2017. The Centerville police opened an investigation into this relationship in May 2017. The investigation was closed without any charges being withheld after the student involved refused to participate, the police announced in May 2017.

New information has emerged, prompting detectives to reopen the investigation. Several emails revealed that Glenn apparently would have allowed students to skip class and flirt with students while corresponding with them. One person reported to the school district that they saw a student posting something on Twitter indicating inappropriate conduct by Glenn.

After the release of the indictment, Sarah Swan, Community Relations Specialist at Centerville Schools Schools, said, "We take the safety of our students seriously and we immediately responded when the # 39, information has been brought to our attention. "

Glenn resigned from his position teaching English in May 2017, shortly after being put on administrative leave. He has also been a baseball and golf coach and has been a counselor to several clubs in high school.

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