WND Holy War in High School: Bible Verses vs. LGBT Pride & # 39; Celebrate evil and punish justice & # 39;

Gabby Helsinger (video screen capture)

Gabby Helsinger (video screen capture)

An Ohio family is at war with its local high school after suspending its daughter for publishing Bible verses in response to the LGBT pride flags present on campus.

Tina Helsinger (Facebook)

Tina Helsinger (Facebook)

"Lebanese schools celebrate [sic] evil and punishes justice !! proclaimed Tina Helsinger, the mother of student Gabby Helsinger, on Facebook.

The dispute at Lebanon High School began when Gabby wrote Bible verses on post-it notes and pasted them to various places, after seeing many flags of rainbow-colored pride at through the building.

She described in video what happened, explaining:

"So on Thursday, when I arrived at school, I realized that there were flags of pride, posters around my school. And I felt the need to write verses from the Bible so that I could write them in my school, "she said. "And I wrote them and put them around my lockers, the walls."

"I was coming back from lunch … I see teachers picking them up and the next day, I'm called to the office and a letter tells me that I have an ISS, which is a suspension in the school, and the reason I have it, it 's because "abuse of others, disrespect, rudeness". because I wrote biblical verses & # 39; aimed at GSA organization & # 39; "Gabby said, referring to the Gay-Straight alliance of the school.

"I did not know what the GSA organization was or meant to say," she continued. "Seeing that there was [sic] people from my school who needed help and who do not need to live in the confusion of wondering who they should be gay, bisexual, lesbian, trans, anything from this kind, and I know that God is the only way for them to be healed by this, and that is why I did it. I did not target any type of organization or anything like that.

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Watch the video of Gabby Helsinger:

The director, Scott Butler, met Gabby and she said, "When I was sent to the office, he was talking to me and he said, 'Why did you put them here?' I said, "Because I wanted to spread the word of God.

"And he's going," Well did you have permission? " And I said, "No," and I did not know you had to have permission because people do it a lot, putting sticky notes on people's lockers, so I just did it. "

"And I asked him why, every time Jesus or God, or something like that, is brought up to school, it does it right away. But we can put gay and pride stuff everywhere in the school without having to take it off and people can talk about it, but when you talk about God or Jesus, you're just being demeaned, you do not have the right to speak. "

Tina Helsinger defends her daughter vehemently. She said publicly on social media: "I appealed the sentence by stating," Displaying a Bible verse is not an abuse on the part of others, a lack of respect / insolence / rudeness Scott Butler, director of the school, said: "Gabby was aiming at the GSA organization" and should therefore report to ISS on Wednesday 03/13/19. "

She concluded:

Parents – if it happened to your child – what would you do? Please listen to his story. If you think that she is being punished unfairly, please flood of e-mails and calls to director and deputy director If Lebanon High School. Their e-mail addresses and phone numbers are below!

[email protected]

[email protected]

The family receives positive and negative comments on Facebook, including:

Missy Silvestri Forti: "Good for her … who the hell are you able to tell him, she can not show his beliefs either! She did not do it in a perverse way, she did not call them names, she believes in God and should be able to publish it wherever she wants! Just like he does LGBT with their signs. Stop with the standard double cr-p! And stop telling people what they are allowed to say and believe! That's the Dem 101 behavior!

Stephen W. Hawkins: "Pray for her to be delivered from evil. She is in the lion's den. His faith and his truth, God will honor him. Adults need to wake up and see that children are being taught education on the pretext of "tolerance to not tolerate" and told to think, act and say.

Shelby Lynn Mcintosh"I realize that it's not your daughter's fault, she's homophobic. I feel bad for you and all your children. You are not a pure Christian or good, you are the worst of all and one day your God will judge you for trying to play his role. You and your children are not able to say what is or is not right for someone else, you do not "save" anyone from their own life choices, but only by making it more difficult for him to learn the Lord's love or to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Since you love verses of the Bible so much, you should practice loving your neighbor. You should also teach your children to love their neighbors instead of rough judgment to those who are already struggling to be themselves in this world. This is not a godly thing to do and I really pray for your soul, that your own sins and your false judgment do not lead you on a path of eternal damnation and that your children do not follow.

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